28C010TRPDI-20 Datasheet

1 Megabit (128k x 8-bit) Eeprom


Features, Applications

VCC VSS RES CE WE RES A0 A6 Address Buffer and Latch A7 A16 Data Latch Y Decoder Y Gating I/O Buffer and Input Latch Control Logic Timing High Voltage Generator I/O0 I/O7 RDY/Busy

x 8-bit EEPROM RAD-PAK� radiation-hardened against natural space radiation Total dose hardness: > 100 krad (Si), depending upon space mission Excellent Single event effects - SELTH MeV/mg/cm2 - SEU 90 MeV/mg/cm2 read mode - SEU 18 MeV/mg/cm2 write mode Package: - 32-pin RAD-PAK� flat pack/DIP package - JEDEC-approved byte-wide pinout High speed: 120, 150, and 200 ns maximum access times available High endurance: - 10,000 erase/write (in Page Mode), - 10 year data retention Page write mode: to 128 bytes Low power dissipation - 20 mW/MHz active (typical) � W standby (maximum) Standard JEDEC package width

Maxwell Technologies' 28C010T high-density 1 Megabit x 8-Bit) EEPROM microcircuit features a greater than 100 krad (Si) total dose tolerance, depending upon space mission. The 28C010T is capable of in-system electrical byte and page programmability. It has a 128-byte page programming function to make its erase and write operations faster. It also features data polling and a Ready/Busy signal to indicate the completion of erase and programming operations. In the 28C010T, hardware data protection is provided with the RES pin, in addition to noise protection on the WE signal and write inhibit on power on and off. Software data protection is implemented using the JEDEC optional standard algorithm. Maxwell Technologies' patented RAD-PAK� packaging technology incorporates radiation shielding in the microcircuit package. It eliminates the need for box shielding while providing the required radiation shielding for a lifetime in orbit or space mission. In a GEO orbit, RAD-PAK� provides greater than 100 krad(Si) radiation dose tolerance. This product is available with screening up to Class S.

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PIN SYMBOL CE WE VCC VSS RDY/BUSY RES DESCRIPTION Address Data I/O Output Enable Chip Enable Write Enable Power Supply Ground Ready/Busy Reset

PARAMETER Supply Voltage (Relative to VSS) Input Voltage (Relative to VSS) Package Weight SYMBOL VCC VIN RT RD Thermal Impedance (RP and RT Packages) Thermal Impedance (DIP Package) Operating Temperature Range Storage Temperature Range 1. VIN min = -3.0V for pulse width < 50ns. FJC TOPR TSTG -55 -65 MIN

ICC3B 1. Parameters are measured and recorded as Deltas per MIL-STD-883 for Class S Devices 2. Specified in Table 6

PARAMETER Supply Voltage Input Voltage SYMBOL VCC VIL VIH RES_PIN 1. VIL min = -1.0V for pulse width ns VH MIN -0.31 2.2 VCC -0.5

(TA = 1 MHZ) PARAMETER Input Capacitance: VIN 0V 1 Output Capacitance: VOUT 0V 1 Guaranteed by design. SYMBOL CIN COUT MIN --MAX 6 12 UNITS pF

(VCC � C, UNLESS OTHERWISE SPECIFIED) PARAMETER Input Leakage Current Output Leakage Current Standby VCC Current Operating VCC Current TEST CONDITION VCC = 5.5V, VIN = 5.5V VCC = 5.5V, VOUT CE = VCC CE = VIH IOUT = 0mA, Duty = 100%, Cycle s at VCC = 5.5V IOUT = 0mA, Duty = 100%, Cycle 150ns at VCC = 5.5V Input Voltage RES_PIN Output Voltage2 IOL 2.1 mA IOH 0.4 mA IOH= mA 1. ILI for RES = 100uA max. 2. RDY/BSY is an open drain output. Only VOL applies to this pin. SUBGROUPS SYMBOL IIL ILO ICC3A ICC3B VIL VIH VH VOL VOH MIN -------2.2 VCC -2.4 VCC-0.3V MAX -V V UNITS �A mA



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