2SK1984-01MR Datasheet

N-channel MOSFET


Features, Applications

High speed switching Low on-resistance No secondary breakdown Low driving power High voltage VGS=�30V Guarantee Avalanche-proof

Switching regulators UPS DC-DC converters General purpose power amplifier
Absolute maximum ratings (Tc=25�C unless otherwise specified)

Item Drain-source voltage Continuous drain current Pulsed drain current Continuous reverse drain current Gate-source peak voltage Max. power dissipation Operating and storage temperature range Symbol DS ID ID(puls] IDR VGS PD Tch Tstg Rating to +150 Unit �C

Item Drain-source breakdown voltage Gate threshold voltage Zero gate voltage drain current Gate-source leakage current Drain-source on-state resistance Forward transconductance Input capacitance Output capacitance Reverse transfer capacitance Turn-on time ton (ton=td(on)+tr) Turn-off time toff (toff=td(off)+tf) Avalanche capability Diode forward on-voltage Reverse recovery time Reverse recovery charge Symbol V(BR)DSS VGS(th) IDSS IGSS RDS(on) gfs Ciss Coss Crss td(on) tr td(off) tf IAV t rr Qrr Test Conditions VGS=0V ID=1mA VDS=VGS ID=1.5A VDS=25V VDS VGS=0V Tch=25�C IF=IDR -di/dt=100A/�s Tch=25�C

Item Thermal resistance Symbol Rth(ch-a) Rth(ch-c) Test Conditions channel to ambient channel to case



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