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Die Idc Ieee 488


Features, Applications

The 779-2100 Hand Crimp Tool satisfies varying requirements for production and field applications. This Hand Crimp Tool provides quick and economical installation of mass termination IDC connectors.


779-2100 tool frame accommodates snap-in interchangeable dies to mass terminate the entire range of Thomas & Betts IDC connectors. Precision ratchet mechanism controls crimp-cycle to insure proper termination of connector to cable.

To mass terminate any Thomas & Betts Card Edge Connector to multiconductor flat cable using the 779-2100 Hand Crimp Tool described on this page, order die Cat. No. 779-2164. To mass terminate any Thomas & Betts Micro Ribbon Connector to multiconductor flat cable using the 779-2100 Hand Crimp Tool described on this page, order die Cat. No. 779-2172. NOTE: The pages in this catalog which describe the various connectors also contain complete information on the tooling needed to apply them to flat, multiconductor cable.

The information on this page covers the 779-2100 Hand Crimp Tool and the dies which are used to apply various types of plugs and connectors to multiconductor flat cable. Operating instructions for this tool can be ordered from Thomas & Betts.

PRODUCT USED ON All female socket transition Multi spec. female socket 609 solder transition conn. Slimline PCB transition conn. Low Pro Dips All std. dip plugs All dip socket conn. All cardedge conn. All plastic "D" except 50 pos. Metal shell "D" conn. 50 pos. 50 pos. "D" plastic All 622 male conn. All ribbon conn. Flat cable back shell RD cable back shell Slimline PCB 622 Low Pro "D" conn. Female wrap post.100" x.200" All remote DIP socket conn. Fine pitch female socket 311 female "D" conn. 311 "D" plug metal and plastic

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