48Q2660-2R Datasheet

60...132 Watt DC-DC Converters


Features, Applications

Input voltage ranges or 2 isolated outputs kV AC I/O electric strengh test voltage

Extremely slim case (4TE wide), fully enclosed Extremely low inrush current, hot swappable Operating ambient temperaturerange �40...71 �C with convection cooling

Input voltage Inrush current ETS 300 132-2 refer to selection chart typ. 40 A

Efficiency Output voltage setting accuracy Worst case output voltage 1 Minimum output current 1, 2 Minimum output current 1, 2 Load regulation output 2 Output voltage switching noise Common current limit. + Io2 Operation of units in parallel

Ui nom, Io nom 88% Ui nom, Io nom �0.6% Uo nom Ui min...Ui max, 0...Io1 max, TC min...TC max �1.8% Uo nom in parallel configuration not required 0A in individual or series configuration 10% Io1,2 nom Io1,2 min...Io1,2 max typ. � Io2) IEC/EN 61204, total, peak-peak typ 0.3% Uo nom rectangular U/I characteristic typ. 130% (Io1 max + Io2 max) by connecting the current sharing pins T

Input reverse polarity Input undervoltage lockout Input overvoltage lockout Input transient protection Output overvoltage Overtemperature built-in fuse typ. 90% Ui min typ. 110% Ui max varistor no-load, overload and short-circuit proof second control loop switch-off with auto restart (-7 units)

Output voltage adjustment Inhibit on input side Status indication Output good signal (Out OK) with feature 60/80...110% Uo nom TTL input, output(s) disabled if left open circuit LEDs: OK (-7 units), Out OK (all) isolated open collector signal

Approvals Class of equipment Protection degree Electric strength test voltage
I/case, O/case, Out OK/case I/O, Out OK/I, Out OK/O O/O

Electrostatic discharge Electromagnetic field Electr. fast transients/bursts Surge Conducted disturbances Electromagnetic emissions IEC/EN 61000-4-2, level 4 (8/15 kV) IEC/EN 61000-4-3, level 3 (10 V/m) IEC/EN 61000-4-4, output/input, level 3/4 (2/4 kV) IEC/EN 61000-4-5, input, level 2/3 (1/2 kV) IEC/EN 61000-4-6, level (3/10 V) CISPR 55022, 24/48/BQ/CQ/GQ, conducted criterion B criterion A criterion B criterion B criterion A class B

Operating ambient temperature Operating case temperature TC Storage temperature Damp heat Vibration, sinusoidal Shock Bump MTBF

Ui nom, Io nom, convection cooled Ui nom, Io nom non operational IEC/EN 40 �C IEC/EN 10...60/60...2000 Hz IEC/EN 6 ms IEC/EN ms MIL-HDBK-217F, GB, 40 �C, 24/48Q1000

Operating ambient temperature Operating case temperature TC Storage temperature Damp heat Vibration, sinusoidal Shock Bump Random vibration MTBF

Ui nom, Io nom, convection cooled Ui nom, Io max, convection cooled Ui nom, Io nom Ui nom, Io max non operational IEC/EN 40 �C IEC/EN 10...60/60...2000 Hz IEC/EN 11 ms IEC/EN 11 ms IEC/EN Hz MIL-HDBK-217F, notice 2, GB, BQ 2000

Extended temperature range Output voltage adjustment �40...71 �C, ambient, operating, for -7 units �10% Uo nom, excludes feature R and vice versa -9 P

Front panels for 19" rack mounting or 6U configuration (Schroff/Intermas) Mating H15 connectors with screw, solder, fast-on or press-fit terminals Connector retention facilities and code key system for connector coding Additional external input or output filters Mechanical mounting supports for chassis, DIN-rail and PCB mounting



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Manufacturer information

Power-One has been acquired by Bel Fuse and is now marketed under Bel Power Solutions.

Power-One has been a leader in high-efficiency "green" power conversion and management solutions, including renewable energy. Power-One's green products include DC-DC converters and power supplies.

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