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Functionally Equivalent to the TIBPAL22V10/10A, with Additional Feedback Paths in the Output Logic Macrocell Choice of Operating Speeds: 20 ns Max 25 ns Max Variable Product Term Distribution Allows More Complex Functions to Be Implemented Each Output Is User Programmable for Registered or Combinational Operation, Polarity, and Output Enable Control TTL-Level Preload for Improved Testability Extra Terms Provide Logical Synchronous Set and Asynchronous Reset Capability Fast Programming, High Programming Yield, and Unsurpassed Reliability Ensured Using Ti-W Fuses AC and DC Testing Done at the Factory Utilizing Special Designed-In Test Features Dependable Texas Instruments Quality and Reliability Package Options Include Plastic Dual-In-Line and Chip Carrier Packages


The TIBPAL22VP10' is equivalent to the TIBPAL22V10A but offers additional flexibility in the output structure. The improved output macrocell uses the registered outputs as inputs when in a high-impedance condition. This provides two additional output configurations for a total of six possible macrocell configurations all of which are shown in Figure 1.

These devices contain to 22 inputs and 10 outputs. They incorporate the unique capability of defining and programming the architecture of each output on an individual basis. Outputs may be registered or nonregistered and inverting or noninverting. In addition, the data may be fed back into the array from either the register or the I/O port. The ten potential outputs are enabled through the use of individual product terms. Further advantages can be seen in the introduction of variable product term distribution. This technique allocates from to 16 logical product terms to each output for an average of 12 product terms per output. This variable allocation of terms allows far more complex functions to be implemented than in previously available devices.

These devices are covered by U.S. Patent 4,410,987. IMPACT-X is a trademark of Texas Instruments Incorporated.

PRODUCTION DATA information is current as of publication date. Products conform to specifications per the terms of Texas Instruments standard warranty. Production processing does not necessarily include testing of all parameters.

Circuit design is enhanced by the addition of a synchronous set and an asynchronous reset product term. These functions are common to all registers. When the synchronous set product term is a logic 1, the output registers are loaded with a logic 1 on the next low-to-high clock transition. When the asynchronous reset product term is a logic 1, the output registers are loaded with a logic 0. The output logic level after set or reset depends on the polarity selected during programming. Output registers can be preloaded to any desired state during testing. Preloading permits full logical verification during product testing. With features such as programmable output logic macrocells and variable product term distribution, the TIBPAL22VP10' offers quick design and development of custom LSI functions with complexities to 800 equivalent gates. Since each of the ten output pins may be individually configured as inputs on either a temporary or permanent basis, functions requiring to 21 inputs and a single output or down to 12 inputs and 10 outputs are possible. A power-up clear function is supplied that forces all registered outputs to a predetermined state after power is applied to the device. Registered outputs selected as active-low power-up with their outputs high. Registered outputs selected as active-high power-up with their outputs low. A single security fuse is provided on each device to discourage unauthorized copying of fuse patterns. Once blown, the verification circuitry is disabled and all other fuses will appear to be open. The TIBPAL22V10-20C is characterized for operation from to 75�C. The TIBPAL22V10-25M is characterized for operation over the full military temperature range to 125�C.

10 CLK/I 22 EN I/O/Q 14 EN I/O/Q 16 EN I/O/Q 22 EN I/O/Q 14 EN I/O/Q 12 EN I/O/Q 10 EN I/O/Q 8 EN I/O/Q 10 denotes fused inputs EN 10



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