5962-8962401PA Datasheet

LM6164 - High Speed Operational Amplifier, Package: Cerdip, Pin Nb=8


Features, Applications

The LM6164 family of high-speed amplifiers exhibits an excellent speed-power product in delivering 300V per �s and 175 MHz GBW (stable down to gains as low as +5) with only mA of supply current. Further power savings and application convenience are possible by taking advantage of the wide dynamic range in operating supply voltage which extends all the way down to +5V. These amplifiers are built with National's VIPTM (Vertically Integrated PNP) process which produces fast PNP transistors that are true complements to the already fast NPN devices. This advanced junction-isolated process delivers high speed performance without the need for complex and expensive dielectric isolation.


High slew rate: 300 V/�s High GBW product: 175 MHz Low supply current: 5 mA Fast settling: to 0.1% Low differential gain: < 0.1% Low differential phase: < 0.1� Wide supply range: to 32V Stable with unlimited capacitive load

Video amplifier Wide-bandwidth signal conditioning Radar Sonar

(Continued) Package Commercial LM6364N 8-Pin Molded DIP 8-Pin Ceramic DIP LM6364M 8-Pin Molded Surface Mt. 10-Lead Ceramic SOIC 10-Pin Ceramic Flatpak WG10A W10A NSC Drawing

If Military/Aerospace specified devices are required, please contact the National Semiconductor Sales Office/ Distributors for availability and specifications. Supply Voltage (V+ - V-) Differential Input Voltage (Note 7) Common-Mode Input Voltage (Note 11) Output Short Circuit to Gnd (Note 2) Soldering Information Dual-In-Line Package (N, J) Soldering (10 sec.) Small Outline Package (M) Vapor Phase (60 sec.) Infrared (15 sec.) 36V

See AN-450 "Surface Mounting Methods and Their Effect on Product Reliability" for other methods of soldering surface mount devices. Storage Temperature Range to +150�C Max Junction Temperature (Note � 700V ESD Tolerance (Notes 7, 8)

(V+ 0.7V) to (V- + 0.7V) Continuous Temperature Range (Note LM6264 LM6364 Supply Voltage Range to 32V

Note 1: "Absolute Maximum Ratings" indicate limits beyond which damage to the device may occur. Operating Ratings indicate conditions for which the device is functional, but do not guarantee specific performance limits.

The following specifications apply for Supply Voltage � 15V, VCM 100 k and = 50 unless otherwise noted. Boldface limits apply for TJ = TMIN to TMAX; all other limits 25�C. LM6164 Symbol VOS Drift Ib IOS Drift RIN CIN AVOL Parameter Input Offset Voltage Input Offset Voltage Average Drift Input Bias Current Input Offset Current Input Offset Current Average Drift Input Resistance Input Capacitance Large Signal Voltage Gain VCM Input Common-Mode Voltage Range -13.5 Supply = +5V (Note 5) 1.5 CMRR PSRR Common-Mode Rejection Ratio Power Supply Rejection Ratio -10V VCM 96 4.0 VOUT 2 k (Note 10 k Supply � 15V Differential V min V min V min V max dB min dB min k pF V/mV min �A max nA max nA/�C Conditions Typ 2 6 Limit (Notes LM6264 Limit (Note 6 LM6364 Limit (Note 11 mV max �V/�C Units



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