5962-8997401PA Datasheet

High-speed Output Clamping op Amp


Features, Applications

The is a high speed current-feedback op amp with the unique feature of output voltage clamping. This feature allows both the maximum positive (VHIGH) and negative (VLOW) output voltage levels to be established. This is useful in a number of applications in which "downstream" circuitry must be protected from over driving input signals. Not only can this prevent damage to downstream circuitry, but can also reduce time delays since saturation is avoided. The CLC501's very fast 1ns overload/clamping recovery time is useful in applications in which information containing signals follow overdriving signals. Engineers designing high resolution, subranging A/D systems have long sought an amplifier capable of meeting the demanding requirements of the residue amplifier function. Amplifiers providing the residue function must not only settle quickly, but recover from overdrive quickly, protect the second stage A/D, and provide high fidelity at relatively high gain settings. The CLC501, which excels in these areas, is the ideal design solution in this onerous application. To further support this application, the CLC501 is both characterized and tested at a gain setting of +32�the most common gain setting for residue amplifier applications. The CLC501's other features provide a quick, high performance design solution. Since the CLC501's current feedback design requires no external compensation, designers need not spend their time designing compensation networks. The small 8-pin package and low, 180mW power consumption make the CLC501 ideal in numerous applications having small power and size budgets. The CLC501 is available in several versions to meet a variety of requirements. A three letter suffix determines the version: Enhanced Solutions (Military/Aerospace) SMD Number: 5962-94597

*Space level version also available. *For more information, visit http://www.national.com/mil

Output clamping (VHIGH and VLOW) 1ns recovery from clamping/overdrive 0.05% settling in 12ns Characterized and guaranteed = +32 Low power: 180mW


n Residue amplifier in high accuracy, subranging A/D systems n High speed communications n Output clamping applications n Pulse amplitude modulation systems Clamped Pulse Response

Package 8-Pin Plastic DIP 8-Pin Plastic SOIC Temperature Range Industrial to +85�C Part Number CLC501AJP CLC501AJE Package Marking CLC501AJP CLC501AJE NSC Drawing N08E M08A

If Military/Aerospace specified devices are required, please contact the National Semiconductor Sales Office/ Distributors for availability and specifications. Supply Voltage (VCC) IOUT Output is short circuit protected to ground, but maximum reliability will be maintained if IOUT does not exceed... Common Mode Input Voltage Junction Temperature Operating Temperature Range

Storage Temperature Range Lead Solder Duration (+300�C) ESD Rating (Human Body Model) Recommended Gain Range

60mA � VCC to +85�C Thermal Resistance Package MDIP SOIC (JC) 70�C/W 65�C/W (JA) 125�C/W 145�C/W

(AV = +32, VCC = +3V; unless specified) Symbol Ambient Temperature Frequency Domain Response SSBW SS20 �3dB Bandwidth �3dB Bandwidth Gain Flatness GFPL GFPH GFR LPD TRS TRL TSP HD2 HD3 SNF INV OVC TSO CDR VOC ICL CBW CMC VIO DVIO IBN Settling Time � 0.05% Overshoot Slew Rate 2nd Harmonic Distortion 3rd Harmonic Distortion Equivalent Input Noise Floor Integrated Noise Overshoot in Clamp Overload Recovery from Clamp VioDrift after Recovery Clamp Accuracy(Note 3) Input Bias Current on VH, VL �3dB Bandwidth Useful Clamping Range Input Offset Voltage(Note 3) Average Temperature Coefficient Input Bias Current(Note 3) Non-Inverting VL,VH 2VPP, 20MHz Peaking Rolloff Linear Phase Deviation Rise and Fall Time VOUT < 5VPP



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