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High Performance Microprocessor With Memory Management And Protection


Features, Applications

High Performance Microprocessor with Memory Management and Protection

The Intersil is a static CMOS version of the NMOS 80286 microprocessor. The is an advanced, high-performance microprocessor with specially optimized capabilities for multiple user and multi-tasking systems. The 80C286/883 has built-in memory protection that supports operating system and task isolation as well as program and data privacy within tasks. The 80C286/883 includes memory management capabilities that map 230 (one gigabyte) of virtual address space per task into 224 bytes (16 megabytes) of physical memory. The 80C286/883 is upwardly compatible with 80C86 and 80C88 software (the 80C286/883 instruction set is a superset of the 80C86/80C88 instruction set). Using the 80C286/ 883 real address mode, the 80C286/883 is object code compatible with existing 80C86 and 80C88 software. In protected virtual address mode, the 80C286/883 is source code compatible with 80C86 and 80C88 software but may require upgrading to use virtual address as supported by the 80C286/883's integrated memory management and protection mechanism. Both modes operate at full 80C286/883 performance and execute a superset of the 80C86 and 80C88 instructions. The 80C286/883 provides special operations to support the efficient implementation and execution of operating systems. For example, one instruction can end execution of one task, save its state, switch to a new task, load its state, and start execution of the new task. The segment-not-present exception and restartable instructions.


This Circuit is Processed in Accordance to MIL-STD883 and is Fully Conformant Under the Provisions of Paragraph 1.2.1. Compatible with NMOS 80286/883 Static CMOS Design for Low Power Operation - ICCSB = 5mA Maximum - ICCOP = 185mA Maximum (80C286-10/883) - ICCOP = 220mA Maximum (80C286-12/883) Large Address Space - 16 Megabytes Physical - 1 Gigabyte Virtual per Task Integrated Memory Management, Four-Level Memory Protection and Support for Virtual Memory and Operating Systems Two 80C86 Upward Compatible Operating Modes - 80C286/883 Real Address Mode - Protected Virtual Address Mode Compatible with 80287 Numeric Data Co-Processor

CAUTION: These devices are sensitive to electrostatic discharge; follow proper IC Handling Procedures. http://www.intersil.com 407-727-9207 | Copyright � Intersil Corporation 1999

68 LEAD PGA, COMPONENT PAD VIEW As viewed from underside of the component when mounted on the board.

P.C. BOARD VIEW As viewed from the component side of the P.C. board.

Supply Voltage. +8.0V Input, Output or I/O Voltage Applied. GND -1.0V to VCC +1.0V Storage Temperature Range. to +150oC Junction Temperature. +175oC Lead Temperature (Soldering 10s). +300oC ESD Classification. Class 1

Thermal Resistance (Typical) JA JC PGA Package. 35oC/W 6oC/W Gate Count. 22,500 Gates

CAUTION: Stresses above those listed in "Absolute Maximum Ratings" may cause permanent damage to the device. This is a stress only rating and operation of the device at these or any other conditions above those indicated in the operational sections of this specification is not implied.

NOTE: JA is measured with the component mounted on an evaluation PC board in free air.

Operating Voltage Range. to +5.5V Operating Temperature Range. to +125oC System Clock (CLK) RISE Time (From 3.6V. 8ns (Max) System Clock (CLK) FALL Time (from 1.0V). 8ns (Max) Input RISE and FALL Time (From 80C286-10/883. 10ns (Max) 80C286-12/883. 8ns (Max)

PARAMETER Input LOW Voltage Input HIGH Voltage CLK Input LOW Voltage CLK Input HIGH Voltage Output LOW Voltage Output HIGH Voltage

VIN = GND or VCC, VCC = 5.5V, Pins VCC = 4.5V and 5.5V, VIN = 1.0V, Note 1 VCC = 4.5V and 5.5V, VIN = 3.0V, Note 2 VCC = 4.5V and 5.5V VIN = GND, Note VO = GND or VCC = 5.5V, Pins 80C286-10/883, Note 4 80C286-12/883, Note 4

Input Sustaining Current LOW Input Sustaining Current HIGH Input Sustaining Current on BUSY and ERROR Pins Output Leakage Current

Active Power Supply Current Standby Power Supply Current NOTES:

2. IBHL should be measured after lowering VIN to GND and then raising 1.0V on the following pins: IBHH should be measured after raising VIN to VCC and then lowering 3.0V on the following pins: ICCSB should be tested with the clock stopped in phase two of the processor clock cycle. VIN = VCC or GND, VCC = 5.5V, outputs unloaded. 5. ICCOP measured at 10MHz for the 80C286-10/883 and 12.5MHz for the 80C286-12/883. VIN or 0.4V, VCC = 5.5V, outputs unloaded. 6. ISH should be measured after raising VIN to VCC and then lowering 0V on pins 53 and 54.



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