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CLC452 - Single Supply, Low Power, High Output, Current Feedback Amplifier, Package: Cerdip, Pin Nb=8


Features, Applications
CLC452 Single Supply, Low Power, High Output, Current Feedback Amplifier

The CLC452 has a new output stage that delivers high output drive current (100mA), but consumes minimal quiescent supply current (3.0mA) from a single 5V supply. Its current feedback architecture, fabricated in an advanced complementary bipolar process, maintains consistent performance over a wide range of gains and signal levels, and has a linear-phase response up to one half of the -3dB frequency. The CLC452 offers superior dynamic performance with a 130MHz small signal bandwidth, 400V/�s slew rate and 4.5ns rise/fall times (2VSTEP. The combination of low quiescent power, high output current drive, and high speed performance make the CLC452 well suited for many battery powered personal communication/computing systems. The ability to drive low impedance, high capacitive loads, makes the CLC452 ideal for single ended cable applications. It also drives low impedance loads with minimum distortion. The CLC452 will drive a 100 load with only -75/-74dBc second/third harmonic distortion (AV = +2, VOUT f =1MHz). With a 25 load, and the same conditions, it produces only -65/-77dBc second/third harmonic distortion. It is also optimized for driving high currents into single-ended transformers and coils. When driving the input of high resolution A/D converters, the CLC452 provides excellent -78/-85dBc second/third harmonic distortion (AV = +2, VOUT = 1k) and fast settling time. Available in SOT23-5, the CLC452 is ideal for applications where space is critical. (1MHz) 25ns settling 0.05% 400V/�s slew rate Stable for capacitive loads to 1000pF Single � 5V supplies Available in Tiny SOT23-5 package


Coaxial cable driver Twisted pair driver Transformer/Coil Driver High capacitive load driver Video line driver Portable/battery powered applications A/D driver Maximum Output Voltage vs. RL


Package 8-pin plastic DIP 8-pin plastic SOIC 5-pin SOT Temperature Range Industrial to +85�C Part Number CLC452AJE CLC452AJM5 Package Marking CLC452AJE A21 NSC Drawing M08A MA05A

If Military/Aerospace specified devices are required, please contact the National Semiconductor Sales Office/Distributors for availability and specifications. Supply Voltage (VCC-(VEE) Output Current (see note 3) Common Mode Input Voltage Maximum Junction Temperature Storage Operating Temperature Range +14V 140mA VEE to VCC to +150�C

Lead Solder Duration (+300�C) ESD Rating (human body model)
Thermal Resistance Package MDIP SOIC SOT23 (JC) 95�C/W 140�C/W (JA) 175�C/W 210�C/W

+5V(Note 5), VCM = VEE 1k, RL tied to VCM; unless specified Symbol Ambient Temperature Frequency Domain Response -3dB Bandwidth -0.1dB Bandwidth Gain Peaking Gain Rolloff linear phase deviation TIME DOMAIN RESPONSE Rise and Fall Time Settling Time � 0.05% Overshoot Slew Rate DISTORTION AND NOISE RESPONSE 2nd Harmonic Distortion 5MHz 3rd Harmonic Distortion 2VPP, 5MHz Equivalent Input Noise Voltage (eni) Non-Inverting Current (ibn) Non-Inverting Current (ibi) Static, DC Performance Input Offset Voltage (Note 4) Average Drift Input Bias Current (non-inverting) (Note 4) Average Drift Input Bias Current (inverting) (Note 4) Average Drift Power Supply Rejection Ratio Common-Mode Rejection Ratio DC mV �V/�C �A nA/�C �A nA/�C dB dBc nV/ pA/ 2V Step 1V Step 2V Step 2V Step ns % V/�s = 0.5VPP MHz dB deg Parameter Conditions CLC452AJ Typ +25�C Min/Max (Note to 85�C Units



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