CM10-2285 Datasheet

Molded Mini-dyad


Features, Applications

Features Small size SMT-compatible Easily formed leads Sputtered ruthenium contacts Hermetically sealed contacts Fast switching speed to 500Hz Wide range of available magnetic sensitivities Superior mechanical strength Enhanced for better auto placement

Applications Security - Proximity sensing - Smoke alarms Automotive - Level sensor - Lamp current sensor Relays

Description Clare's Molded Mini DYAD dry reed switches are ideally suited for small switching signal applications. This switch has sputtered tuthenium contacts and an extraordinary seal strength, achieved by a patented laser sealing of the glass. In a low level or dry switching environments, both switches typically provide >1 billion operations. The switches have hermetically sealed contacts and offer a wide range of available magnetic sensitivities. In addition, the molding process provides a solid plastic outer shell. This plastic shell provides superior mechanical strength, eliminates concerns over handling glass switches, and provides an ideal solution for high speed, automated assembly environments. Ordering Information A complete part number is represented by the digits to the right. For example, is a MOLDED MINIDYADTM with a minimum operate value of 10NI and a maximum of 30NI. Refer to the switch operating specification charts for available ranges. Special ranges are available upon request.

"S" for straight switch blank for SMT Maximum operate value Minimum operate value
Surface Mount Molded Mini-DYAD Refer to operating characteristics table for complete part number.

The magnetic force (expressed in NI, AT or Ampere Turns) required to cause the reed switch contacts to close is called the pull-in or operate value.

CM10 Part # Coil definition Coil resistance Number of turns Wire size (nom. diameter) Bobbin diameter (inside coil) Winding length Coil 5,000 0.0399mm (AWG 3.96mm 10.4mm

(1) Consult factory for test procedure. The reed switch shall be placed in the test coil with the gap centered in the core of the coil winding. Test leads and their clips must be non-magnetic. The longitudinal axis of the test coil and the test switch shall be vertical.

Tolerance � 1.5NI Full Blade Sensitivity Surface Mount Switches are packaged 3,000 parts per reel

Parameter Switching Voltage CM10 - Molded Mini-DYADTM Switching Current CM10 - Molded Mini-DYADTM Carry Current CM10 - Molded Mini-DYADTM Switching Frequency CM10 - Molded Mini-DYADTM Contact Resistance CM10 - Molded Mini-DYADTM Min Typ Max Units -0 200 Volts

Absolute Maximum Ratings are stress ratings. Stresses in excess of these ratings can cause permanent damage to the device. Functional operation of the device at these or any other conditions beyond those indicated in the operational sections of this data sheet is not implied. Exposure of the device to the absolute maximum ratings for extended period may degrade the device and effect its reliability.


All parameters are at 25�C unless otherwise stated. PARAMETER Contact Ratings Operate ampere turns range Release ampere turns range Switching Voltage Switching Current Carry Current Contact Rating Life Expectancy CONDITIONS Full Blade Tolerance � 1.5NI Full Blade Tolerance � 1.5NI Max DC/PeakAC Resistive Max DC/PeakAC Resistive Max DC/PeakAC Resistive Max DC/PeakAC Resistive 1V, 10mA Signal Level 10V, 10mA Low Level 50V, 100mA Telecom Load 100V, 100mA Rated Loads 50mV, 10mA(1) SYMBOL CR IR TOP TREL TA TO MIN TYP 0.3 300 MAX UNITS NI VDC mAmps Amps VA x106 Ops -x106 Ops x106 Ops x106 Ops pF VDC/Peak ms �C

Static Contact Resistance Contact Material Switch Specifications Insulation Resistance(2) Capacitance Dielectric Strength(5) Operate Time, including bounce Release Time Environmental Ratings Storage Temperature Operating Temperature Soldering Temperature

40% RH Across Open Contacts Between Contacts At nominal coil voltage, 10Hz Square Wave Zener-Diode Suppression(3)

Contact resistance measured with 4 terminal method, 1.1" between test leads >1012 is available upon request A 24V zener in series with a diode across the coil (4) Use caution not to exceed vibration resistance limits while ultrasonically cleaning. Contact Clare, Inc. Engineering for more details/ recommendations (5) 15 ampere turn minimum



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