CM1419-02CS Datasheet

California Micro Devices� CM1418 is an L-C EMI filter array with ESD protection, which integrates two Pi-filters (C-L-C) for the headset speaker. The CM1418 has component values of 117pF-3.0nH-117pF.


Features, Applications
PRELIMINARY CM1419 PraetorianTM L-C EMI Filter with ESD Protection for Headset Speaker Applications

2 channels of EMI filtering �30kV ESD protection (IEC 61000-4-2, contact discharge) �30kV ESD protection (HBM) OptiGuard Coating for improved reliability at assembly Greater than 30dB of attenuation x 1.220mm footprint Chip Scale Package (CSP) Lead-free version available

California Micro Devices' is an L-C EMI filter array with ESD protection, which integrates two Pifilters (C-L-C) for the headset speaker. The CM1419 has component values of 117pF-3.0nH-117pF. The parts include ESD protection diodes on all input/output pins, which provide a very high level of protection for sensitive electronic components that may be subjected to electrostatic discharge (ESD). The ESD diodes connected to the filter ports safely dissipate ESD strikes of �30kV, beyond the maximum requirement of the IEC61000-4-2 international standard. Using the MIL-STD-883 (Method 3015) specification for Human Body Model (HBM) ESD, the pins are protected for contact discharges at greater than �30kV. This device is particularly well suited for portable electronics (e.g. mobile handsets, PDAs, notebook computers) because of its small package format and easy-to-use pin assignments. In particular, the CM1419 is ideal for EMI filtering and protecting speaker output lines from ESD for the headset speaker in mobile handsets. Most speakers have impedance of 8 and in order to maximize the power output, the resistance of an EMI filter needs be as low as possible and the CM1419 addresses this by having a C-L-C based EMI filter where the inductor has less than 0.35 of resistance. The CM1419 is available either uncoated or with OptiGuardTM coating resulting in improved reliability at assembly. The CM1419 is also available in a space saving, low profile Chip Scale Package with optional lead-free finishing.


Headset Speaker port in mobile handsets I/O port protection for mobile handsets, notebook computers, PDAs etc. EMI filtering for data ports in cell phones, PDAs or notebook computers.

� 2005 California Micro Devices Corp. All rights reserved. 12/13/05

Notes: 1) These drawings are not to scale. 2) Lead-free devices are specified by using a character for the top side orientation mark.

PIN C3 B2 NAME Filter #1 Filter #1 Filter #2 Filter #2 GND DESCRIPTION Filter #1 Input Filter #1 Input Filter #2 Input Filter #2 Input Device Ground

Standard Finish Pins 5 Package CSP OptiGuardTM Coating Y N Ordering Part CM1419-02CS CM1419-0BCS Part Marking CH AM Lead-free Finish2 Ordering Part CM1419-02CP CM1419-0BCP Part Marking CH AM

Note 1: Parts are shipped in Tape & Reel form unless otherwise specified. Note 2: Lead-free devices are specified by using a character for the top side orientation mark.

� 2005 California Micro Devices Corp. All rights reserved.

PARAMETER Storage Temperature Range DC Current per Inductor DC Package Power Rating RATING 30 0.5 UNITS mA W

PARAMETER Operating Temperature Range RATING to +85 UNITS �C

SYMBOL L R CTOT C1 VST ILEAK VSIG PARAMETER Inductance DC Channel Resistance Total Channel Capacitance C1 Stand-off Voltage Diode Leakage Current Signal Clamp Voltage Positive Clamp Negative Clamp In-system ESD Withstand Voltage a) Human Body Model, MIL-STD-883, Method 3015 b) Contact Discharge per IEC 61000-4-2 Level 4 Dynamic Resistance Positive Negative Cut-off frequency ZSOURCE = 50, ZLOAD 117pF 2.5V dc; ac 2.5V dc; = 10A VIN = �3.3V ILOAD = 10mA ILOAD = -10mA Notes 2 and �30 kV CONDITIONS MIN TYP MAX UNITS nH pF

Note 1: TA=25�C unless otherwise specified. Note 2: ESD applied to input and output pins with respect to GND, one at a time. Note 3: These parameters are guaranteed by design and characterization.



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