CM150TU-12H Datasheet

150 Amp Igbt Module For High Power Switching Use Insulated Type


Features, Applications

Description: Mitsubishi IGBT Modules are designed for use in switching applications. Each module consists of six IGBTs in a three phase bridge configuration, with each transistor having a reverse-connected superfast recovery free-wheel diode. All components and interconnects are isolated from the heat sinking baseplate, offering simplified system assembly and thermal management. Features: Low Drive Power Low VCE(sat) Discrete Super-Fast Recovery Free-Wheel Diode High Frequency Operation Isolated Baseplate for Easy Heat Sinking Applications: AC Motor Control Motion/Servo Control UPS Welding Power Supplies Ordering Information: Example: Select the complete module number you desire from the table - i.e. a 600V (VCES), 150 Ampere SixIGBT Module.

Type CM Current Rating Amperes 150 VCES Volts 50) 12
HIGH POWER SWITCHING USE INSULATED TYPE Absolute Maximum Ratings, 25 �C unless otherwise specified

Symbol Junction Temperature Storage Temperature Collector-Emitter Voltage (G-E SHORT) Gate-Emitter Voltage (C-E SHORT) Collector Current (Tc = 25�C) Peak Collector Current (Tj 150�C) Emitter Current** Peak Emitter Current** Maximum Collector Dissipation (Tj < 150�C) Mounting Torque, M5 Main Terminal Mounting Torque, M5 Mounting Weight Isolation Voltage (Main Terminal to Baseplate, AC 1 min.) Tj Tstg VCES VGES IC ICM IE IEM Pc � Viso Ratings -40 to Units �C Volts Amperes Watts Nm Grams Vrms

* Pulse width and repetition rate should be such that the device junction temperature (Tj) does not exceed Tj(max) rating. **Represents characteristics of the anti-parallel, emitter-to-collector free-wheel diode (FWDi).

Static Electrical Characteristics, 25 �C unless otherwise specified

Characteristics Collector-Cutoff Current Gate Leakage Voltage Gate-Emitter Threshold Voltage Collector-Emitter Saturation Voltage Symbol ICES IGES VGE(th) VCE(sat) QG VEC Test Conditions VCE = VCES, VGE = 0V VGE = VGES, VCE = 15mA, VCE = 150A, VGE = 150A, VGE = 125�C Total Gate Charge Emitter-Collector Voltage* VCC = 150A, VGE = 150A, VGE = 0V Min. Typ. Max. Units mA �A Volts nC Volts

* Pulse width and repetition rate should be such that the device junction temperature (Tj) does not exceed Tj(max) rating.

Dynamic Electrical Characteristics, 25 �C unless otherwise specified

Characteristics Input Capacitance Output Capacitance Reverse Transfer Capacitance Resistive Load Switch Times Turn-on Delay Time Rise Time Turn-off Delay Time Fall Time Symbol Cies Coes Cres td(on) tr td(off) tf trr Qrr VCC = 4.2, Resistive Load Switching Operation = 150A, diE/dt = 150A, diE/dt = -300A/�s VCE = 10V, VGE = 0V Test Conditions Min. Typ. Max. Units ns �C

Diode Reverse Recovery Time Diode Reverse Recovery Charge
Thermal and Mechanical Characteristics, 25 �C unless otherwise specified

Characteristics Thermal Resistance, Junction to Case Thermal Resistance, Junction to Case Contact Thermal Resistance Symbol Rth(j-c)Q Rth(j-c)D Rth(c-f) Test Conditions Per IGBT 1/6 Module Per Free-Wheel Diode 1/6 Module Per Module, Thermal Grease Applied Min. � Typ. � 0.015 Max. 0.47 � Units �C/W




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