CMM1330-AK-000T Datasheet

PCS RF ic Mmic Power Amps, 1.85-1.91 GHZ


Features, Applications

Vg1 3 GND 8 Vd1 Back plane is ground and must be soldered to thermally conductive ground plane.

Features t 40% Linear Power Added Efficiency t 30 dBm Output Power (IS-136 TDMA) 30 dB Gain t Low Cost, SO-8 Surface Mount Package t Tested Under Digital Modulation Applications t IS-136 Handsets t Wireless Local Loop Subscriber Units t PCS Base Stations


The a 3V linear power amplifier intended for use in PCS handsets, wireless local loop subscriber units and PCS base stations. As a pin-compatible member of the new Triniti DXTM amplifier family, the CMM1330 offers maximum performance and flexibility. The flexible amplifier can be biased to support the requirements

or DCS-1800 systems. The CMM1330 is packaged in a low-cost, space efficient SO-8 power package that gives excellent electrical stability and thermal handling performance with R of less than 18� C/W. The part is designed to require minimal external circuitry for bias matching, simplifying design and keeping board space and cost to a minimum.

Parameter Rating Parameter Rating Parameter Rating
Drain Voltage (+Vd) Drain Current (Id) RF Input Power DC Gate Voltage (-Vg)
Power Dissipation Thermal Resistance Storage Temperature
Operating Temperature Channel Temperature Soldering Temperature

* Max (+Vd) and (-Vg) under linear operation. Max potential difference across the device in RF compression (2Vd + |-Vg|) not to exceed the minimum breakdown voltage (Vbr) of +18V.

Unless otherwise specified the following specifications are guaranteed at room temperature with drain voltage (+Vd) V, in Celeritek test fixture.

Frequency Range Power Output Efficiency Gain Harmonics (in Celeritek test fixture) Return Loss Negative Supply Current Supply Current Quiescent Current

Meets IS-136 TDMA mask Pout IS-136 TDMA 2nd @ Pout = +30.5 dBm 3rd @ Pout = +30.5 dBm In Celeritek Test Fixture No RF

Pin Name RF IN GND Vd2 Vd1 Description RF input (internally DC blocked) Ground Input stage gate bias Output stage gate bias RF output and Vd3. External matching circuit required RF output and Vd3. External matching circuit required Intermediate stage drain bias Input stage drain bias

The CMM1330 is available in a surface mount SO-8 power package and devices are available in tape and reel. Part Number for Ordering Package CMM1330-AK SO-8 surface mount power package CMM1330-AK-000T SO-8 surface mount power package in tape and reel

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