CC-079 Datasheet

Serial Card Buffered 4 Port


Features, Applications

Ports: Baud rates: Data Bits: Stop Bits: Parity: Power: Weight: Size: or 2. Odd, even, none, mark or space. x 4.25in.


s Four RS232 Serial ports. s Each port independently selectable or 485. RXD+ CTS+ SUPPLIED WITH 9 PIN QUAD LEAD RXD- CTSs Includes serial Solutions DESCRIPTION for DOS, Win 3.x Win 95 The half size card provides four serial ports independently configurable and Win NT. as RS422 with and without handshaking or RS485 full and half duplex. s Interrupts Complete with Serial Solutions Software, which consists of device drivers for Windows 3.x, Windows 95, DOS and install scripts for Windows NT all with s Includes 9 pin cable. the following common features: drives standard PC UARTs e.g. 16450, s Shared interrupt register. drivers for PC FIFO UARTs e.g. and support for all s COM1-COM4 plus many more ! Brain Boxes shared interrupt cards. Also includes a suite of utility terminal s Onboard terminating programs with fully commented source code for use with RS422 / resistors with full fail-safe RS485 serial communication ports., open/short circuit detection. Each ports interrupt can be jumper set to IRQ 14-15. A shared s Sample programs, test & interrupt mechanism provides fast flexible interrupt handling allowing high terminal software - all with baud rates and data throughput. A fully detailed manual, showing jumper source code. settings and sample wiring schemes is included. s Informative Manual. s16C554 FIFO. to 115,200 Baud. RS485 based on the RS422 ,allows up RS422 allows one transmitter and to s Handshake options: to 32 driver/receivers pairs on a party 10 receivers with data transmission up RS422 line data bus. Whilst only one of these to 10 Megabits per second for 40 s CTS/RTS flow control. should be transmitting data at any feet, and to 100 Kilobits per second RS485 Gating time, the rest can all simultaneously for to 4000 feet (1219 metres). listen to the data. s TxD always/RTS true enabled. COMPATIBILTY s RxD always enabled. COMMON APPLICATIONS s RxD RTS true disabled. s Windows 3.1, NT, 98 s RAS Server s CTS forced true. & OS2 Warp V3 s UPS Control 485 FEATURES s Serial Solutions s Instrument Control s RxD�/TxD� multiplex 486 & Pentium II s Point of Sale jumpers. Wiring Schemes: s One talker, many listeners. ORDER s Many talkers/listeners full DESCRIPTION CODE duplex. AT QUAD RS422/485 FIFO CC-079 (with cable) s Many talkers/listeners half ALL PRODUCTS WITH HOTLINE SUPPORT AND 36 MONTH NO QUIBBLE WARRANTY duplex.



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