CHA6042-MFF Datasheet

Operational Frequency = 13.5-16.5GHz ;; Noise Figure = - ;; Gain = 32dB ;; Gain Control Range = - ;; Gain Flatness = 2dB ;; Sat. Output Power = 32dBm ;; P-1dB = 31dBm ;; Bias = 750mA@8V ;; Case = Flan


Features, Applications

The is a packaged four-stage PHEMT HPA MMIC designed for VSAT ground terminals and other radio applications. It provides typically more than 30dBm nominal output power at 1dB gain compression over the 13.5-16.5GHz frequency range, and 32dB small signal gain.

The circuit is manufactured with a 0.25�m gate length power PHEMT process on 70�m substrate, via holes through the substrate, air bridges and electron beam gate lithography. It is available in 10-lead flange package form. The backside of the package is both RF and DC grounds. This helps to simplify the assembly process.

Broadband performance 13.5-16.5GHz 32dB linear gain >30dBm output power at 1dB comp 31dBm saturated output power Bias 700mA 10-lead flange package

Fop P1dB Vd Idq Small signal gain CW output power at 1dB gain compression Drain bias voltage Quiescent bias current

ESD Protection : Electrostatic discharge sensitive device. Observe handling precautions !

Operating frequency range Small signal gain (1) Small signal gain flatness CW output power at 1dB gain compression (1) Saturated output power (1) Input return loss (1) Output return loss (1) Reverse Isolation (1) Drain bias voltage (2) Quiescent bias current (2)

Vg Gate bias voltage -0.5 V These values are representative for CW measurements in JIG test fixture. Adjusting Vd from 9V, or Idq from to 1000mA increases by approx. 0.5dB the output power over the bandwidth.

Parameter Drain bias voltage Maximum quiescent bias current
Maximum peak input power overdrive (3) Operating temperature range Storage temperature range

Operation of this device above anyone of these parameters may cause permanent damage. Duration < 1s.

Typical fixture performance @ Tamb=25�C (test fixture losses corrected)
Typical CW saturated output power versus frequency Vd=8 V and Idq=700 mA
Typical CW output power and drain current versus input power at 14 GHz, Vd=8 V and Idq=700 mA
Ref. - 21 May 03 3/5 Specifications subject to change without notice



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