CHP0230-PM-0000 Datasheet

HBT Single Supply Module, 824-849 MHZ


Features, Applications

Features InGaP HBT Technology 6mm Square, 50 Ohm Power Module Package Single Positive Supply 35% Linear Power Added Efficiency 50% Analog Power Added Efficiency +28.5 dBm Output Power (CDMA Mode) 30 dB Gain at Operating Output Power On-Board Power Down Mode Applications Cellular Multi-Mode Handsets Cellular Infrastructure Wireless Local Loop Subscriber Units CDMA Handsets CDMA2K 1X Handsets Description

The a 50 ohm matched, single supply, linear power amplifier module intended for use in cellular handsets and wireless local loop subscriber units. The highly integrated amplifier meets the requirements of CDMA and CDMA2K 1X systems. is a member of Celeritek's new TrueTriangleTM family of 3V power amplifier modules. The CHP0230-PM is packaged in a low-cost, space efficient, 6mm square, matched module that provides excellent

electrical stability and low thermal resistance. The module operates from a fixed positive voltage and requires no external matching which significantly reduces space, cost and enhances ease of use. The 6x6 mm package is self contained, incorporating 50 ohm input and output matching networks optimized for output power, linearity and efficiency. Celeritek's InGaP HBT technology offers a thermally robust and reliable PAM (power amplifier module) solution.

Parameter Rating Parameter Rating Parameter Rating
Collector Voltage (+Vcc) Collector Current (Icc) RF Input Power
Operating Temperature Storage Temperature Soldering Temperature
Collector Voltage (+Vcc) Reference Voltage (Vref) (Fixed and regulated)

The is a two-stage amplifier that requires a single regulated positive supply along with the unregulated battery voltage for proper operation. Vref is a regulated 2.95 reference voltage for the bias control circuitry. It can also be used as a power down mode select. Vcc is an unregulated supply voltage directly from the battery. Vcc should be applied prior to Vref and before RF input power. The CHP0230-PM can be operated over a range of supply voltages and bias points by adjustment of Vref. It is important that the maximum power dissipation of the package be observed at all times and that the maximum voltage across the device is not exceeded.

Biasing The positive Vcc supply voltages are applied to pins 1 and 6. Most bypass decoupling is provided on-board. Vref is applied to pin 3. The recommended DC bypass capacitance is shown in the schematic diagram on Page 4. Inadequate bypass capacitance and inductance around the DC supply lines can compromise the adjacent channel power ratio (ACPR), reduce power gain and/or create oscillations.

Unless otherwise specified, the following specifications are guaranteed at room temperature with collector voltage (+Vcc) 3.6 V.

Frequency Range Gain Ripple* Gain Variation Power Output Harmonics Noise Power in Receive Band Linearity (ACPR)

@ Digital power output 824-849 MHz Over supply voltage Over temperature CDMA mode Analog = +31.5 dBm = +31.5 dBm 30 kHz bandwidth CDMA mode @ +28.5 dBm Pout, 885 kHz offset CDMA mode @ +28.5 dBm Pout, 1.9 MHz offset CDMA2K 1X mode** @ +27.8 dBm Pout, 885 kHz offset CDMA2K 1X mode** @ +27.8 dBm Pout, 1.9 MHz offset

Noise Figure Input Return Loss Icc (Vcc 3.6 V)
Quiescent Current (Iq) Vref Supply Current (Iref) Vref Supply Voltage (Vref) Leakage Current

Pout = +12.0 dBm - CDMA mode Pout = +28.5 dBm - CDMA mode Pout = +31.5 dBm - Analog mode No RF Fixed and regulated (1.2% tolerance) Vref 0 V, Vcc 3.6 V

* Specifications guaranteed over the temperature range to +70�C. Modulation HPSK in 1.2288 MHz, RC3 PAR CCDF.

Modulation When biased as specified, the CHP0230-PM will achieve the required adjacent channel response for the digital system specified. Celeritek tests 100% of each product under digital modulation to ensure correlation to customer applications.

Thermal 1. The ground pad on the backside of the CHP0230-PM must be soldered to the ground plane. 2. All leads of the package must be soldered to the appropriate electrical connection.

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Note: Unless otherwise specified, the following data was taken at 836 MHz.



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