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The AT29C010A( AT29C010A-90PC ) is a 5-volt-only in-system Flash programmable and erasable read only memory (PEROM). Its 1 megabit of memory is organized as 131,072 words by 8 bits. Manufactured with Atmel’s advanced nonvolatile CMOS technology, the device offers access times to 70 ns with power dissipation of just 275 mW over the commercial temperature range. When the device is deselected, the CMOS standby current is less than 100 µA. The device endurance is such that any sector can typically be written to in excess of 10,000 times. To allow for simple in-system reprogrammability, the AT29C010A does not require high input voltages for programming. Five-volt-only commands determine the opera-tion of the device. Reading data out of the device is similar to reading from an EPROM. Reprogramming the AT29C010A is performed on a sector basis; 128-bytes ofdata are loaded into the device and then simultaneously programmed. During a reprogram cycle, the address locations and 128- bytes of data are internally latched, freeing the address and data bus for other operations. Following the initiation of a program cycle, the device will automatically erase the sector and then program the latched data using an internal control timer. The end of a program cycle can be detected by DATA polling of I/O7. Once the end of a program cycle has been detected, a new access for a read or program can begin. AT29C010A-90PC Features • Fast Read Access Time - 70 ns• 5-Volt-Only Reprogramming• Sector Program Operation Single Cycle Reprogram (Erase and Program) 1024 Sectors (128 bytes/sector) Internal Address and Data Latches for 128-Bytes• Two 8 KB Boot Blocks with Lockout• Internal Program Control and Timer• Hardware and Software Data Protection• Fast Sector Program Cycle Time - 10 ms• DATA Polling for End of Program Detection • Low Power Dissipation 50 mA Active Current 100 µA CMOS Standby Current• Typical Endurance > 10,000 Cycles• Single 5V ±10% Supply• CMOS and TTL Compatible Inputs and Outputs• Commercial and Industrial Temperature Ranges


[{"Name":" Data Bus Width:","Value":"8 bit"},{"Name":"Memory Size:","Value":"1 MB"},{"Name":"Access Time:","Value":"90 ns"},{"Name":" Supply Voltage - Max:","Value":"5.5 V"},{"Name":"Supply Voltage - Min:","Value":"4.5 V"},{"Name":" Maximum Operating Current:","Value":"50 mA"},{"Name":"Operating Temperature:","Value":"+ 70 C"},{"Name":"Organization:","Value":"128 KB x 8"},{"Name":"","Value":""},{"Name":"","Value":""}]

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