DC/DCTEF-0512 Datasheet

DC/DC Converter Tef Series3 Watt


Features, Applications

Full SMD design with Ceramic Capacitors Wide 2:1 Input range High Efficiency Short Circuit Protection Metal Case, 24�Pin DIP 2 Year Product Warranty

The TEF-series is a family of isolated dc/dc-converters that offers a cost effective solution for applications requiring miniature size and high performance features. SMT-design with exclusive use of ceramic capacitors guarantees a very high reliability with an MTBF of over 1'000'000 hours. A highly automated production with 100% parameter test ensures a high quality standard of this product.

Input current no load 5 Vin models: 12 Vin models: 20 Vin models: 24 Vin models: 48 Vin models: 5 Vin models: 12 Vin models: 20 Vin models: 24 Vin models: 48 Vin models: 5 Vin models: 12 Vin models: 24 Vin models: mA typ. mA typ. mA typ. mA typ. mA typ. mA typ. mA typ. mA typ. mA typ. mA typ.

Voltage set accuracy Regulation � Input variation Vin min. to Vin max. � Load variation � 90 single output: dual output: max. 1.0 % max. 2.0 % max. 80 mVpk-pk max. �C continuous � Single output models � Dual output models 2200 �F max. 2200 �F max.

Ripple and noise (20 MHz Bandwidth) Temperature coefficient Short circuit protection Capacitive load

Temperature ranges � Operating � Case � Storage � 25 �C... � 40 �C... 95 % rel H max. �C 1'000 VDC 1'000 VDC 500 VDC 500 pF typ. >1`000 M Ohm � 85 KHz (depending on load)ations

Humidity (non condensing) Reliability, calculated MTBF (MIL-HDBK-217 E) Isolation voltage � Input/Output � Input/Case � Output/Case � Input/Output � Input/Output

Isolation capacity Isolation resistance Switching frequency

All specifications valid at nominal input voltage, full load and +25�C after warm-up time unless otherwise stated. www.tracopower.com Page 2

Case material Potting material Weight Soldering temperature Steel nickel-plated Silicon rubber TSE (UL g (0.49 oz) max. / 10 sec

Pin Single +Vin (Vcc) No function No function �Vout +Vout �Vin (GND) �Vin (GND) +Vout �Vout No function No function +Vin (Vcc) Dual +Vin (Vcc) �Vout Common +Vout �Vin (GND) �Vin (GND) +Vout Common �Vout +Vin (Vcc)

Jenatschstrasse 1 CH-8002 Zurich Switzerland Tel. +41-1284 2911 Fax +41-1201 1168 e-mail: sales@traco.ch internet: http://www.tracopower.com



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