E5EN-C3MP-50024VAC/VDC Datasheet

Temperature Controller


Features, Applications

Depth of only 78 mm. Various temperature inputs: thermocouple, platinum resistance thermometer, non-contact temperature sensor, and analog inputs. Auto-tuning and self-tuning available. Auto-tuning is possible even while self-tuning is being executed. Heating or heating/cooling control is available. Event input allows multiple SP selection and run/stop function. Water-resistant construction (NEMA4X: equivalent to IP66). Conforms to UL, CSA, and IEC safety standards as well as CE marking.

Size Power supply voltage No. of alarm points Output Heater burnout alarm Thermocouple model Platinum resistance thermometer model E5EN-Q3HMP-500 E5EN-C3MP-500

Relay e ay Voltage output (for driving SSR) Current

1. A Current Transformer (CT) is not provided with the Unit. Be sure to order one when ordering the E5EN. 2. When the heating and cooling function is used, the number of alarm outputs will be reduced 2. 3. When the heating and cooling function or the heater burnout alarm is used, one of the alarm outputs will be disabled for each function used. 4. Specify the power supply specifications when ordering.

The E5EN provides communication or event input functionality when mounted with one of the following Option Units. Name Co Communication U it Unit Event Input Unit Model E53-AK03 E53-AKB Function RS-232C communication RS-485 communication Event input

Analog input 50 mV Usable in the following ranges by scaling: to 999.9

Applicable standards by input type are as follows: S, B: JIS C1602-1995 L: Fe-CuNi, DIN 43710-1985 U: Cu-CuNi, DIN 43710-1985 JPt100: JIS C1604-1989, JIS C1606-1989 Pt100: JIS C1604-1997, IEC751 Shaded ranges indicate default settings.


Supply voltage Operating voltage range Power consumption Sensor input to 240 VAC, 110% of rated supply voltage 9 VA Thermocouple: S, B Platinum resistance thermometer: Non-contact temperature sensor: Voltage input: 50 mV Control output Relay output Voltage output Current output Alarm output Control method Setting method Indication method Other functions Ambient temperature Ambient humidity Storage temperature SPST-NO, 250 VAC, 5 A (resistive load), electrical life: 100,000 operations 12 VDC (PNP), max. load current: 40 mA, with short-circuit protection circuit 20 mA DC, load: 600 max., resolution: approx. 2,600 SPST-NO, 250 VAC, 3 A (resistive load), electrical life: 100,000 operations 2-PID or ON/OFF control Digital setting using front panel keys 7-segment digital display and single-lighting indicator Character height: PV: 14.0 mm; SV: 9.5 mm According to Controller model to 55_C (with no condensation or icing) to 65_C (with no condensation or icing) W 24 VAC, 50/60 Hz/24 VDC

Indication accuracy Thermocouple: (�0.5% of indicated value or �1_C, whichever greater) �1 digit max. (see note ) Platinum resistance thermometer: (�0.5% of indicated value or �1_C, whichever greater) �1 digit max. Analog input: �0.5% FS�1 digit max. CT input: �5% FS�1 digit max. Hysteresis Proportional band (P) Integral time (I) Derivative time (D) Control period Manual reset value Alarm setting range Sampling period Insulation resistance Dielectric strength Vibration resistance Shock resistance Weight Protective structure Memory protection EMC 999.9 EU (in units of 0.1 EU) 999.9 EU (in units of 0.1 EU) 3999 s (in units 3999 s (in units 99 s (in units to 100.0% (in units to 9999 (decimal point position depends on input type) 20 M min. (at 500 VDC) 2000 VAC, 60 Hz for 1min (between different charging terminals) to 55 Hz, 10 m/s2 for 2 hours each X, Y and Z directions m/s2, 3 times each in 3 axes, 6 directions (relay: 100 m/s2) Approx. 260 g Mounting bracket: Approx. 100 g Front panel: NEMA4X for indoor use (equivalent to IP66), rear case: IP20, terminals: IP00 EEPROM (non-volatile memory) (number of writes: 100,000) Emission Enclosure: Emission AC Mains: Immunity ESD: Immunity RF-interference: Immunity Conducted Disturbance: Immunity Burst: Approved standards EN55011 Group 1 class A EN55011 Group 1 class 4 kV contact discharge (level 8 kV air discharge (level ENV50140: 10 V/m (amplitude modulated, 80 MHz to 1 GHz) (level 3) 10 V/m (pulse modulated, 900 MHz) to 80 MHz) (level 2 kV power-line (level 2 kV I/O signal-line (level 4)

UL3121-1, CSA22.2 No. 14, E.B.1402C Conforms EN61010-1 (IEC61010-1) Conforms VDE0106/part 100 (Finger Protection), when the terminal cover is mounted.

The indication of K thermocouples in the to 1300�C range, and T and N thermocouples at a temperature -100�C or less, and U and L thermocouples at any temperature is �2�C�1 digit maximum. The indication of B thermocouples at a temperature 400�C or less is unrestricted. The indication of R and S thermocouples at a temperature 200�C or less is �3�C�1 digit maximum.



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