EB2-3-R Datasheet

Compact And Light Weight Surface Mounting Type


Features, Applications


The EB2 series is a version of the EA2 series, suitable for surface mounting with infrared soldering (lRS) and vapor phase soldering (VPS). This series has three variations of high solder joint reliability type, and low profile type.


TM Compact and lightweight � 9.3 mm, TM 2 form c contact arrangement TM Low power consumption TM Low magnetic interference TM Breakdown voltage: 1 000 VAC (surge voltage 1 500 V), FCC Part 68 conformable TM UL recognized (E73266), CSA certified (LR 46266) TM Lineup in non-latch, single-coil latch and double-coil latch types TM Lineup in minimum footprint � 14.3), and high solder joint reliability (20 years) types TM Lineup in low profile type (hight : 6.5 mm), and Ultra-low profile (hight : 5.6 mm)


Electronic switching systems, PBX, key telephone systems, automatic test equipment and other electronic equipment.

DO NOT EXCEED MAXIMUM RATINGS. Do not use relays under exceeding conditions such as over ambient temperature, over voltage and over current. Incorrect use could result in abnormal heating, damage to related parts or cause burning. READ CAUTIONS IN THE SELECTION GUIDE. Read the cautions described in NEC's "Miniature Relays" (ER0046EJ) when you choose relays for your application.

The information in this document is subject to change without notice.
Document No. ER0016EJ5V0DS00 (5th edition) Date Published February 1999 M Printed in Japan

EB2 series Packaging code Nil : Tube type L : Embossd carrying type (L type) R : Embossd carrying type (R type) Feature Nil : Standard type : UL recognized, CSA certified standard type NUH : Minimum footprint type NUE : Low profile type NUL : Ultra-low profile type UL recognized, CSA certified type

Nominal voltage volts Latch type Nil : Non latch type S : Single coil latch type T : Double coil latch type

Single coil latch type (reset position)
R Double coil latch type (reset position)
S : Coil polarity of set (operate) R : Coil polarity of reset (release)

30 Vdc, 1 A (Resistive) 110 Vdc, 0.3 A (Resistive) 125 Vac, 0.5 A (Resistive) * Spacing UL114, UL478

UL recognized CSA certified type Part number Manufacturer Country of origin Date code Index mark of relay direction (pin 10) y UL, CSA Marking

Contact Form Maximum switching power Contact rating Maximum switching voltage Maximum switching current Maximum carrying current Minimum carrying ratings Initial contact resistance Contact material Nominal operating Power Non-latch type and double coil latch type 2 form 30 W (resistive) 220 Vdc 2A 10 mV.dc, 50 m typ. (Initial) Silver alloy with gold overlay (24 V) Approximately 2 ms without diode Approximately 1 ms without diode at 500 Vdc Between open contacts Breakdown voltage Between adjacent contacts Between coil and contact 1000 Vac (for one minute) 1500 V surge 2) 1000 Vac (for one minute) 1500 V surge (75 G) (misoperating) (100 G) (destructive failure) Hz at double amplitude (20 G) (misoperating) to 55 Hz, at double amplitude (30 G) (destructive failure) 85�C 18 degrees at nominal coil voltage Noload � 108 operations (Non-latch type) operations (latch type) Load Weight 50 Vdc 0.1 A (resistive), � 106 operations Hz 10 Vdc 10 mA (resistive), � 106 operations 2 Hz Approximately 1.5 grams 62.5 VA (resistive) 250 Vac

Non-latch type and double coil latch type

Single coil latch type Operate time (excluding bounce) Release time (excluding bounce) Insulation resistance

Ambient temperature Coil temperature rise Running specifications

1 This value is a reference value in the resistance load. Minimum capacity changes depending on seitching frequency and environment temperature and the load. 2 Rise time � s, fall time s 3 This shows a number of operation where it can be running by which a fatal defect is not caused, and a number of operation by which a steady characteristic is maintained � 107 times.



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