HCPL-2531-500E Datasheet

High Speed Optocouplers


These diode-transistor optocouplers use an insulating layer between a LED and an integrated photodetector to provide electrical insulation between input and output. Separate connections for the photodiode bias and output-transistor collector increase the speed up to a hundred times that of a conventional phototransistor coupler by reducing the base-collector capacitance.These single channel optocouplers are available in8-Pin DIP, SO-8 and Widebody package configurations.The HCPL-2531-500E is designed for high speed TTL/TTL applications. A standard 16 mA TTL sink current through the input LED will provide enough output current for 1 TTL load and a 5.6 kΩ pull-up resistor. CTR for these devices is 19% minimum at IF=16mA. HCPL-2531-500E Features • 15 kV/µs minimum common mode transient immunity at VCM = 1500 V• High speed: 1 Mb/s• TTL compatible• Available in 8-Pin DIP, SO-8, widebody packages• Open collector output• Guaranteed performance from temperature: 0°C to70°C• Dual channel version available (4534/0534)• MIL-PRF-38534 hermetic version available HCPL-2531-500E Applications • High voltage insulation• Video signal isolation• Power transistor isolation in motor drives• Line receivers• Feedback element in switched mode power supplies• High speed logic ground isolation– TTL/TTL, TTL/CMOS, TTL/LSTTL• Replaces pulse transformers• Replaces slow phototransistor isolators• Analog signal ground isolation


[{"Name":" Maximum Forward Diode Voltage:","Value":"1.8 V"},{"Name":"Maximum Reverse Diode Voltage:","Value":"5 V"},{"Name":"Maximum Power Dissipation:","Value":"45 mW"},{"Name":"Maximum Operating Temperature:","Value":"+ 100 C"},{"Name":" Minimum Operating Temperature:","Value":"- 55 C"},{"Name":" Forward Current:","Value":"25 mA"},{"Name":"Isolation Voltage:","Value":"3750 Vrms"},{"Name":"Maximum Forward Diode Current:","Value":"16 mA"},{"Name":"Number of Channels per Chip:","Value":"2 Channels "},{"Name":"","Value":""}]

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