MAX6390LT32D3-T Datasheet

SC70/µDFN, Single/Dual Low-Voltage, Low-Power µP Reset Circuits


General Description
The MAX6381–MAX6390 microprocessor (µP) supervisory circuits monitor power-supply voltages from +1.8V to
+5.0V while consuming only 3µA of supply current at +1.8V. Whenever VCC falls below the factory-set reset thresholds, the reset output asserts and remains assert ed for a minimum reset timeout period after VCC rises
above the reset threshold. Reset thresholds are available from +1.58V to +4.63V, in approximately 100mV incre
ments. Seven minimum reset timeout delays ranging from 1ms to 1200ms are available.

♦ Factory-Set Reset Threshold Voltages Ranging from +1.58V to +4.63V in Approximately 100mV Increments
♦ ±2.5% Reset Threshold Accuracy Over Temperature (-40°C to +125°C)
♦ Seven Reset Timeout Periods Available: 1ms,20ms, 140ms, 280ms, 560ms, 1120ms,1200ms (min)
♦ 3 Reset Output Options
  Active-Low Push-Pull
  Active-High Push-Pull
  Active-Low Open-Drain
♦ Reset Output State Guaranteed Valid Down to VCC = 1V
♦ Manual Reset Input (MAX6384/MAX6385/MAX6386)
♦ Auxiliary RESET IN
♦ VCC Reset Timeout (1120ms or 1200ms)/Manual Reset Timeout (140ms or 150ms) (MAX6390)
♦ Negative-Going VCC Transient Immunity
♦ Low Power Consumption of 6µA at +3.6V and 3µA at +1.8V
♦ Pin Compatible with
MAX809/MAX810/MAX803/MAX6326/MAX6327/ MAX6328/MAX6346/MAX6347/MAX6348, and MAX6711/MAX6712/MAX6713
♦ Tiny 3-Pin/4-Pin SC70 and 6-Pin µDFN Packages

Intelligent Instruments
Critical µP and µC
Power Monitoring
Powered Equipment
Dual Voltage Systems



Manufacturer information


Maxim Integrated provides ease of design, and speeds time to market, through analog integration. The company's analog ICs offer extra features and functionality carefully designed to streamline circuit and simplify design. Look to Maxim for solutions for consumer electronics, personal computers and peripherals, mobile devices, wireless and fiber communications, test equipment, instrumentation, video displays, and automotive applications. Maxim’s analog and mixed-signal solutions include data converters, interface circuits, power, RF wireless circuits, clocks and oscillators, microcontrollers (MCUs), operational amplifiers (op amps), and sensors.

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