MCF5206EPB/D Datasheet

ColdFire® Microprocessor


The MCF5206e integrated microprocessor combines a ColdFire® core with several peripheral
functions such as a DRAM controller, timers, parallel and serial interfaces, and system integration. This device is an enhanced version of the MCF5206, which is in production today. Not only does the MCF5206e provide a performance upgrade to the MCF5206 due to the increased 4-Kbyte I-cache, 8-Kbyte SRAM and increased frequency, but this device also integrates an additional multiply accumulate (MAC) unit, hardware divide, and two-channel DMA to the device while maintaining pin compatibility with the MCF5206.

Features List
The following are the primary features of the MCF5206e integrated processor:
• ColdFire Version 2 core
— Variable-length RISC
— 32-bit internal address bus with 28-bit external bus; chip select and DRAM decoding use
internal 32 bit
— 32-bit data base
— 16 user-visible 32-bit wide registers
— Supervisor and user modes for system protection
— Vector base register to relocate exception-vector table
— Optimized for high level language constructs
— 50 MIPS at 54 MHz
• Multiply accumulate
— High speed, complex arithmetic functions for signal processing applications
— Single clock issue rate with 3-stage execution pipeline
— One MAC cycle for 16x16 and 32x32 multiplies, all with 32-bit accumulate
— Four-Kbyte direct-mapped instruction cache
— Eight-Kbyte on-chip SRAM that provides one-cycle access to critical code and data
• DRAM controller
— Programmable refresh timer provides CAS before RAS refresh
— Support for 2 separate memory banks
— Support for fast page mode DRAMs and extended-data-out (EDO) DRAMs
— External bus master access
• DMA controller
— Two fully programmable channels with external request pins supporting dual-address and
single address transfers with 32-bit capability
— Two address pointers per channel that can increment or remain constant
— 16-bit transfer counter per channel
— Operand packing and unpacking
— Auto-alignment transfers for efficient block movement
— Bursting and cycle stealing
— Two clock-cycle internal access
• Two universal synchronous/asynchronous receiver/transmitters (UARTs)
— Full duplex operation
— Baud-rate generator
— Modem control signals (CTS, RTS)
— Processor-interrupt capability
• Dual 16-bit general-purpose multimode timers
— 8-bit prescaler
— Timer input and output pins
— 12 ns resolution with 54 MHz system clock
— Processor interrupt capability
• Motorola bus (M-Bus) module
— Interchip bus interface for EEPROMs, LCD controllers, A/D converters, keypads
— Compatible with industry-standard I2C bus
— Master or slave modes supporting multiple masters
— Automatic interrupt generation with programmable level
• System interface
— Glueless bus interface to 8 bit, 16 bit, and 32 bit DRAM, SRAM, ROM, and I/O devices
— Eight programmable chip selects and programmable wait states and port sizes allowing
external bus masters to access chip selects
— Programmable external interrupts
— 8-bit general-purpose I/O interface
— System protection
– 16-bit software watchdog timer with prescaler
– Double bus fault monitor
– Bus timeout monitor
– Spurious interrupt monitor
– Programmable interrupt controller (low interrupt latency, 3 external interrupt inputs, and
programmable interrupt priority and autovector generator)
— IEEE 1149.1 test (JTAG) support
• System debug interface
— Real-time trace
— Background debug mode (BDM)
• Fully static 3.3-volt operation with 5-volt tolerant inputs
• 160-pin QFP package; pin-compatible with MCF5206



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