TSC80251A1-A16ACD Datasheet

Extended 8–bit Microcontroller with Analog Interfaces


General Introduction

The TSC80251A1 products are derivatives of the TEMIC Application Specific Microcontroller family based on the extended 8–bit C251 Architecture described below. This family of products are tailored to Microcontroller applications requiring analog interface structures.

Three major peripheral blocks have been implemented to provide this facility to the designer:

• Analog to Digital Converter: 4 inputs at 8–bit resolution.
• Pulse Measurement Unit (PMU): 3 modules used to interface to smart analog sensors.
• Event and Waveform Controller (EWC): 5 programmable Counters e.g. for Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) or Compare/Capture functions.

Introduction to TSC80251A1

Core Features
Based on the extended 8–bit C251 Architecture, the TSC80251A1 includes a complete set of new or improved C51 compatible peripherals as well as a 4 channels 8–bit A/D converter for communication with the analog environment.

The key features of the new C251 Architecture are:
• Register–based Architecture:
   ▪ 40–byte Register File
   ▪ Registers accessible as Bytes, Words, and Double Word.
• 3-stage instruction pipeline
• Enriched Instruction Set
   ▪ 16–bit and 32–bit arithmetic and logic instructions
   ▪ Compare and conditional jump instructions
   ▪ Expanded set of Move instructions
• Reduced Instruction Set
   ▪ 189 generic instructions
   ▪ Free space for additional instructions in the future
   ▪ Additionally all 80C51 instructions are usable in binary mode
• 16–bit internal code fetch
• 64 Kbytes extended stack space
• Maximum addressable memory 16 Mbytes

The benefits of this new architecture are:
• 5 times 80C51 performances in binary mode (80C51 binary code compatibility)
• 15 times 80C51 performances in source mode (full architecture performance)
• Up to a factor 3 of code size reduction (when a C for 80C51 program is recompiled in C251 language)
• Reduction of RFI and power consumption (reduced operating frequency)
• Complete System Development Support
   ▪ Compatible with existing tools
   ▪ New tools available: Compiler, Assembler, Debugger, ICE
• Efficient C language support

Product Features
• 1 Kbyte of internal RAM
• TSC83251A1: 24 Kbytes of on-chip masked ROM
• TSC87251A1: 24 Kbytes of internal programmable ROM (OTP or UV erasable in window package)
• TSC80251A1: ROMless version
• External memory space (Code/Data): 256 Kbytes
• Four 8–bit parallel I/O Ports (Ports 0, 1, 2 and 3 of the standard 80C51)
• Two 16–bit Timers/Counters (Timers 0 and 1 of the standard 80C51)
• Serial I/O Port : full duplex UART (80C51 compatible)
• Three PMU: Pulse Measurement Unit for smart analog interface
   For each of the three modules:
      ▪ 8–bit prescaler
      ▪ 8–bit Timer for period and width measurements (duty cycle)
      ▪ The measurement can start either on the rising or on the falling edge
      ▪ One interrupt
      ▪ Only one port line is used
• EWC: Event and Waveform Controller
   ▪ High-speed output
   ▪ Compare/Capture inputs
   ▪ PWM: Pulse Width Modulator
   ▪ Watchdog Timer capabilities
   ▪ Compatible with PCA: Programmable Counter Array (5 x 16–bit modules)
• 8–bit Analog to Digital Converter
   ▪ 4 channels
   ▪ Conversion time: 600 clock periods (37.5 µs at 16 MHz)
• Power Management
   ▪ Power–On reset (integrated on the chip)
   ▪ Power–Off flag (cold and warm resets)
   ▪ Power-Fail detector
   ▪ Power consumption reduction
   ▪ Software programmable system clock
      ▪ Idle and Power–Down modes
      • Power Supply: 5V ± 10%
• Up to 16 MHz operation and three temperature ranges(*):
   ▪ Commercial (0 to 70°C)
   ▪ Industrial (–40 to +85°C)
   ▪ Automotive (–40 to +125°C)
• Packages: PLCC44, CQPJ44 (window) and TQFP44(**)




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