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Linear - Amplifiers - Instrumentation, OP Amps, Buffer Amps


The AD521KD is a second generation, low cost, monolithic IC instrUmentation amplifier developed by Analog Devices.As a trUe instrUmentation amplifier, the AD521KDis a gain block with differential inputs and an accurately programmable input/output gain relationship.The AD521KDIC instrUmentation amplifier should not be confused with an operational amplifier, although several manufactUrers(including Analog Devices)offer op amps which can be used as building blocks in variable gain instrumentation amplifier circuits. Op amps are general-purpose components which, when used with precision-matched external resistors,can perform the instrUmentation amplifier function.An instrumentation amplifier is a precision differential voltage gain device optimized for operation in a real world environment,and is intended to be used wherever acquisition of a useful signal is difficult. It is characterized by high input impedance,balanced differential inputs, low bias currents and high CMR.Asa complete instrUmentation amplifier, the AD521KDrequires only two resistors to set its gain to any value between 0.1 and 1000. The ratio matching of these resistors does not affect the high CMRR (up to 120dB) or the high input impedance (3 X 109il) of the AD521KD. Furthermore, unlike most operational amplifier-based instrUmentation amplifiers, the inputs are protected against overvoltagesup to :1:15volts beyond the supplies.The AD521KDIC instrumentation amplifier is available in four different versions of accuracy and operating temperatUre range.The economical "J" grade, the low drift "K" grade, and the lower drift, higher linearity "L" grade are specified from 0 to +70°C.The "S" grade guarantees performance to specification over the eXtended temperatUre range: -SS oC to +125°C. AD521KD Features • Programmable Gainsfrom 0.1 to 1000• Differential Inputs• HighCMRR: 11OdBmin• Low Drift: 2p.Vfc max (L)• Complete Input Protection, Power ON and Power OFF• Functionally Complete with the Addition of Two Resistors• Internally Compensated• Gain Bandwidth Product: 4OMHz• Output Current Limited: 25mA• Very LowNoise: 05p.V p-p, 0.1Hzto 10Hz, RTI (I G -1000• Chips are Available


[{"Name":"Number of Circuits","Value":"1"},{"Name":"Slew Rate","Value":"10 V/μs"},{"Name":"-3db Bandwidth","Value":"2MHz"},{"Name":"Current - Input Bias","Value":"40nA"},{"Name":"Voltage - Input Offset","Value":"1.5mV"},{"Name":"Current - Supply","Value":"5mA"},{"Name":"Voltage - Supply, Single/Dual (±)","Value":"±5 V ~ 18 V"},{"Name":"Operating Temperature","Value":"0°C ~ 70°C"},{"Name":"","Value":""},{"Name":"","Value":""}]

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