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The AD630BDZ is a high precision balanced modulator that combines a flexible commutating architecture with the accuracy and temperature stability afforded by laser wafer trimmed thin film resistors. Its signal processing applications include balanced modulation and demodulation, synchronous detection, phase detection, quadrature detection, phase-sensitive detection,lock-in amplification, and square wave multiplication. A network of on-board applications resistors provides precision closed-loop gains of ±1 and ±2 with 0.05% accuracy (AD630B). These resistors may also be used to accurately configure multiplexer gains of +1, +2, +3, or +4. Alternatively, external feedback may be employed, allowing the designer to implement high gain or complex switched feedback topologies. AD630BDZ Features • Recovers Signal from 100 dB Noise• 2 MHz Channel Bandwidth• 45 V/μs Slew Rate• –120 dB Crosstalk @ 1 kHz• 0.05% Closed-Loop Gain Accuracy and Match• 100 μV Channel Offset Voltage (AD630BD)• 350 kHz Full Power Bandwidth Chips Available

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