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Zero-Drift, Single-Supply, Rail-to-Rail Input/Output Operational Amplifiers


This family of amplifiers has ultralow offset, drift, and bias current. The AD8571, AD8572, and AD8574 are single, dual, and quad amplifiers, respectively, featuring rail-to-rail input and output swings. All are guaranteed to operate from 2.7 V to 5 V single supply.
The AD857x family provides benefits previously found only in expensive auto-zeroing or chopper-stabilized amplifiers. Using Analog Devices, Inc. topology, these zero-drift amplifiers combine low cost with high accuracy. (No external capacitors are required.) Using a patented spread-spectrum, auto-zero technique, the AD857x family eliminates the intermodulation effects from interaction of the chopping function with the signal frequency in ac applications.

  Low offset voltage: 1 μV
  Input offset drift: 0.005 μV/°C
  Rail-to-rail input and output swing
  5 V/2.7 V single-supply operation
  High gain: 145 dB typical
  CMRR: 140 dB typical
  PSRR: 130 dB typical
  Ultralow input bias current: 10 pA typical
  Low supply current: 750 μA/op amp
  Overload recovery time: 50 μs
  No external capacitors required

  Temperature sensors
  Pressure sensors
  Precision current sensing
  Strain gage amplifiers
  Medical instrumentation
  Thermocouple amplifiers



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