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Ultralow Quiescent Current,150 mA, CMOS Linear Regulators


The ADP160/ADP161/ADP162/ADP163 are ultralow quiescent current, low dropout, linear regulators that operate from 2.2 V to 5.5 V and provide up to 150 mA of output current. The low
195 mV dropout vol tage at 150 mA load improves efficiency and allows operation over a wide input voltage range.
The ADP16x are specifically designed for stable operation with a tiny 1 µF ± 30% ceramic input and output capacitors to meet the requirements of high performance, space-constrained
The ADP160 is available in 15 fixed output voltage options, ranging from 1.2 V to 4.2 V . The ADP160/ADP161 also include a switched resistor to discharge the output automatically when the LDO is disabled. The ADP162 is identical to the ADP160 but does not include the output discharge function.

Ultralow quiescent current
  IQ = 560 nA with 0 µA load
  IQ = 860 nA with 1 µA load
Stable with 1 µF ceramic input and output capacitors
Maximum output current: 150 mA
Input voltage range: 2.2 V to 5.5 V
Low shutdown current: <50 nA typical
Low dropout voltage: 195 mV at 150 mA load
Initial accuracy: ±1%
Accuracy over line, load, and temperature: ±3.5%
15 fixed output voltage options: 1.2 V to 4.2 V
Adjustable output available
PSRR performance of 72 dB at 100 Hz
Current limit and thermal overload protection
Logic-control enable
Integrated output discharge resistor
5-lead  TSOT package
4-ball, 0.5 mm pitch  WLCSP

Mobile phones
Digital cameras and audio devices
Portable and battery-powered equipment
Post dc-to-dc regulation
Portable medical devices


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