ALC861 Datasheet

7.1 Channel High Definition Audio Codec


The ALC861 7.1 Channel High Definition Audio codec with UAA (Universal Audio Architecture), features four stereo DACs and one stereo ADC. The ALC861 is designed for multimedia PC systems. The ALC861 provides 7.1 output channels, along with mixing, mute, and gain control functions to provide an integrated audio solution for PCs. Parts of analog IO are input and output capable, and three headphone amplifiers are also integrated to drive earphones on front and rear panels. The ALC861 supports S/PDIF output function and a sampling rate of up to 96kHz, offering easy connection of PCs to high-quality consumer electronic products such as AC-3 decoders/speakers, and mini disk devices. The ALC861 supports host/soft audio from the Intel ICH chipset, and also from any other HAD compatible audio controller. With EAX/Direct Sound 3D/I3DL2/A3D compatibility, and software utilities like Karaoke mode, environment emulation, software equalizer, and HRTF 3D positional audio, the ALC861 provides an excellent entertainment package and game experience for PC users. ALC861 Hardware Features • Four Stereo DACs support 16/20/24-bit PCM format for 7.1 channel audio solution• One stereo ADC supports 16-bit PCM format• Front/Surround/Cen/LFE/Side Surround-DACs support independent 48KHz/96KHz sample rate• ADC supports 48K/96K sample rate• MIC1 (port-B) LINE1 (port-C), LINE2 (port-E) and MIC2 (port-F) are stereo input and output re-tasking• High-quality differential CD input• Two jack detection pins: each supports detection of up to 4 jacks• Supports 48KHz/96KHz S/PDIF output• Supports analog PCBEEP input• Integrates digital BEEP generator• Power support: Digital: 3.3V; Analog: 5.0V• 48-pin LQFP ‘Green’ package ALC861 Software Features • Meets Microsoft WHQL/WLP 2.0 audio requirements• EAX™ 1.0 & 2.0 compatible• Direct Sound 3D™ compatible• A3D™ compatible• I3DL2 compatible• HRTF 3D Positional Audio• Emulation of 26 sound environments to enhance gaming experience• 10 Software Equalizer Bands• Voice Cancellation and Key Shifting in Karaoke mode• ALC861DTS-GR features optional DTS® CONNECT™ software ALC861 Applications • Multimedia PCs• 3D PC Games• Information Appliances (IA)• Voice Recognition• Audio Conferencing



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