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4-Megabit 2.7-volt Only Serial DataFlash


The AT45DB041 is a 2.7-volt only, serial interface Flash memory suitable for in-system reprogramming. Its 4,325,376 bits of memory are organized as 2048 pages of 264-bytes each. In addition to the main memory, the AT45DB041 also contains two SRAM data buffers of 264-bytes each. The buffers allow receiving of data while a page in the main memory is being reprogrammed. Unlike conventional Flash memo ries that are accessed randomly with multiple address lines and a parallel interface, the DataFlash uses a serial interface to sequentially access its data. The simple serial

• Single 2.7V - 3.6V Supply
• Serial Interface Architecture
• Page Program Operation
  – Single Cycle Reprogram (Erase and Program)
  – 2048 Pages (264 Bytes/Page) Main Memory
• Two 264-Byte SRAM Data Buffers – Allows Receiving of Data While Reprogramming of Non-Volatile Memory
• Internal Program and Control Timer
• Fast Page Program Time – 7 ms Typical
• 120 µs Typical Page to Buffer Transfer Time
• Low Power Dissipation
  – 4 mA Active Read Current Typical
  –8 µA CMOS Standby Current Typical
• 5 MHz Max Clock Frequency
• Hardware Data Protection Feature
• Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) Compatible – Modes 0 and 3
• CMOS and TTL Compatible Inputs and Outputs
• Commercial and Industrial Temperature Ranges


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