BD6758MWV Datasheet

5ch System Lens Drivers for Digital Still Cameras


The BD6370GUL motor driver provides 3 Constant-Voltage Drive / Full-ON Drive H-bridge channels, 1 Constant-Voltage Drive / Linear Constant-Current Drive / Full-ON Drive H-bridge channel, and 1 Constant-Current Drive H-bridge channel, while the BD6758MWV and the BD6758KN provides 4 Full-ONDrive H-bridge channels and 1 Linear Constant-Current Drive H-bridge channel.
A Stepping motor can be used for auto focus and a DC motor for zoom and iris. ROHM offers both an advance type equipped with a D/A converter in all channels and a standard type, allowing selection of the ideal unitdepending on the application.

 1)  Subminiature 24PIN Wafer-level CSP (Chip Size Package): 2.6 x 2.6 x 0.55mm3
 2)  Resemblance 6ch drive function (BD6370GUL)
 3)  Drive type selection (BD6370GUL)
 4)  Low ON-Resistance Power CMOS output:
  All blocks (Const.-V/Full-ON Drive, Const.-V/Const.-C/Full-ON Drive, and Const.-Current Drive) with 1.4ΩTyp. (BD6370GUL)
  Full-ON Drive block with 1.2ΩTyp. and Linear Constant-Current Drive block with 1.0ΩTyp. (BD6758MWV / KN)
 5)  Serial interface 3-line bus control input (BD6370GUL)
 6)  Built-in Constant-Voltage control 6-bit D/A converter and Constant-Current control 6-bit D/A converter resolution (BD6370GUL)
 7)  Built-in ±5% high-precision Constant-Voltage Driver (BD6370GUL)
 8)  Built-in ±3% high-precision Linear Constant-Current Driver
 9)  Constant-Voltage Drive block and Constant-Current Drive block features phase compensation capacitor-free design
 10)  1.2V±3% high-precision reference voltage output (BD6758MWV / KN)
 11)  Drive mode switching function (BD6758MWV / KN)
 12)  UVLO (Under Voltage Lockout Protection) function
 13)  Built-in TSD (Thermal Shut Down) circuit
 14)  Standby current consumption: 0μA Typ.



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