CAT524JITE13 Datasheet

Configured Digitally Programmable Potentiometer


Features, Applications
Configured Digitally Programmable Potentiometer (DPPTM): Programmable Voltage Applications
s Single supply operation: 5.5V s Setting read-back without effecting outputs

s Common reference inputs s Buffered wiper outputs s Non-volatile NVRAM memory wiper storage s Output voltage range includes both supply rails s 4 independently addressable buffered


s Automated product calibration s Remote control adjustment of equipment s Offset, gain and zero adjustments in

s 1 LSB accuracy, high resolution s Serial Microwire-like interface

DESCRIPTION The is a quad, 8-bit digitally-programmable potentiometer (DPPTM) configured for programmable voltage and DAC-like applications. Intended for final calibration of products such as camcorders, fax machines and cellular telephones on automated high volume production lines, it is also well suited for self-calibrating systems and for applications where equipment which requires periodic adjustment is either difficult to access in a hazardous environment. The four independently programmable DPPs have an output range which includes both supply rails. The wipers are buffered by rail to rail op amps. Wiper settings, stored in non-volatile NVRAM memory, are not lost when the device is powered down and are automatically reinstated when power is returned. Each wiper can be dithered to test new output values without FUNCTIONAL DIAGRAM

effecting the stored settings, and stored settings can be read back without disturbing the DPP's output. The CAT524 is controlled with a simple 3-wire serial, Microwire-like interface. A Chip Select pin allows several devices to share a common serial interface. Communication back to the host controller is via a single serial data line thanks to the Tri-Stated CAT524 Data Output pin. A RDY/BSY output working in concert with an internal low voltage detector signals proper operation of the non-volatile NVRAM memory Erase/Write cycle. The CAT524 is available in the to 70�C commercial and to 85�C industrial operating temperature ranges. Both 14-pin plastic DIP and SOIC packages are offered.

2004 by Catalyst Semiconductor, Inc. Characteristics subject to change without notice

ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS Supply Voltage* VDD to GND Inputs CLK to GND CS to GND DI to GND RDY/BSY to GND PROG to GND VREFH to GND VREFL to GND Outputs D0 to GND VOUT 4 to GND -0.5V to VDD -0.5V to VDD -0.5V to VDD -0.5V to VDD -0.5V to VDD -0.5V to VDD -0.5V to VDD -0.5V to VDD -0.5V to VDD +0.5V Operating Ambient Temperature Commercial (`C' or Blank suffix) to +70�C Industrial (`I' suffix) to +85�C Junction Temperature +150�C Storage Temperature to +150�C Lead Soldering (10 sec max) +300�C

* Stresses above those listed under Absolute Maximum Ratings may cause permanent damage to the device. Absolute Maximum Ratings are limited values applied individually while other parameters are within specified operating conditions, and functional operation at any of these conditions is NOT implied. Device performance and reliability may be impaired by exposure to absolute rating conditions for extended periods of time.

NOTES: 1. This parameter is tested initially and after a design or process change that affects the parameter. 2. Latch-up protection is provided for stresses 100mA on address and data pins from �1V to VCC + 1V.

POWER SUPPLY Symbol Parameter IDD1 IDD2 Supply Current (Read) Supply Current (Write) Conditions Normal Operating Programming, VDD = 5V VDD = 3V VDD Operating Voltage Range Min 2.7 Typ 1600 1000 Max Units �A V

LOGIC INPUTS Symbol IIH IIL VIH VIL Parameter Input Leakage Current Input Leakage Current High Level Input Voltage Low Level Input Voltage Conditions VIN = VDD VIN = 0V Min 2 0 Typ Max 10 -10 VDD 0.8 Units �A V

LOGIC OUTPUTS Symbol Parameter VOH VIL High Level Output Voltage Low Level Output Voltage Conditions IOH = -40�A IOL = 1 mA, VDD = +5V IOL = 0.4 mA, VDD = +3V Min VDD -0.3 Typ Max 0.4 Units V

POTENTIOMETER CHARACTERISTICS VDD to +5.5V, VREFH = VDD, VREFL = 0V, unless otherwise specified Symbol RPOT Parameter Potentiometer Resistance RPOT to RPOT Match Pot Resistance Tolerance Voltage on VREFH pin Voltage on VREFL pin Resolution INL DNL ROUT IOUT TCRPOT CH/CL Integral Linearity Error Differential Linearity Error Buffer Output Resistance Buffer Output Current TC of Pot Resistance Potentiometer Capacitances 2.7 0V Conditions See Note 3 Min Typ VDD - 2.7 Max Units LSB mA ppm/�C pF

AC ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS: VDD to +5.5V, VREFH = VDD, VREFL = 0V, unless otherwise specified Symbol Digital

tCSMIN tCSS tCSH tDIS tDIH tDO1 tDO0 tHZ tLZ tBUSY tPS tPROG tCLKH tCLKL fC Minimum CS Low Time CS Setup Time CS Hold Time DI Setup Time DI Hold Time Output Delay to 1 Output Delay to 0 Output Delay to High-Z Output Delay to Low-Z Erase/Write Cycle Time PROG Setup Time Minimum Pulse Width Minimum CLK High Time Minimum CLK Low Time Clock Frequency DPP Settling Time to 1 LSB ms ns MHz �s

NOTES: 1. All timing measurements are defined at the point of signal crossing VDD / 2. These parameters are periodically sampled and are not 100% tested. 3. The 24k +20% resistors are configured as 4 resistors in parallel which would provide a measured value between VREFH and VREFL 6k +20%. The individual 24k resistors are not measurable but guaranteed by design and verification of the 6k +20% value.



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