CBTU0808 Datasheet

Dual lane PCI Express port multiplexer <br> General description <br> <br> The CBTU0808 is a dual lane port multiplexer designed to provide convenient and reliable path switching for PCI Express signa


Features, Applications

The is a dual lane port multiplexer designed to provide convenient and reliable path switching for PCI Express signals. It is organized as two PCI Express lanes, each consisting of a Transmit and Receive channel. Each channel has four ports, two (A and B) on the source (or host) side and two (A and B) on the destination (or device) side. Each port provides a pair of signal lines to support PCIe differential signaling. Using specially designed high-bandwidth and high off-isolation switch elements, source and destination ports can be connected or isolated in three possible configurations: source A and B to destinations A and B respectively; or source A to destination B (remaining ports isolated), or all ports isolated. The switch elements are controlled by internal control logic to set switch positions in accordance with these three configurations, selectable by CMOS inputs CTRL0 and CTRL1 for lanes 0 and 1 respectively. Within a lane, the switch configuration is always applied identically to both transmit and receive channels. The CBTU0808 is packaged a 48-ball, depopulated � 9 grid, 0.5 mm ball pitch, thin profile fine-pitch ball grid array (TFBGA) package, which (while requiring a minimum mm of board space) allows for adequate signal routing and escape using conventional board technology.

2-lane wide PCI Express port multiplexer One transmit and one receive differential channel per lane Four ports per channel PCI Express signaling compliant High bandwidth: > 1 GHz Low OFF-feedthrough at 1.25 GHz Low channel crosstalk at 1.25 GHz Designed to match characteristic impedance of PCIe signaling environment Single 1.8 V supply operation ESD resilience 2 kV HBM Available � 5 mm, 0.5 mm ball pitch TFBGA package, Pb-free/Green

I High-performance computing applications I Port switching and docking applications

Table 1. Ordering information Solder process Package Name CBTU0808EE/G Pb-free (SnAgCu solder ball compound) TFBGA48 Description plastic thin fine-pitch ball grid array package; 48 balls; body mm Version SOT918-1 Type number

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� 9 grid; top view. An empty cell indicates no ball is populated at that grid point.



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