CF5073E Datasheet

10 to 55+ MHZ


Features, Applications
CF5073 series VCXO Module ICs with Built-in Varicap

The CF5073 series are VCXO ICs with built-in varicap diode. They use a recently developed negative-resistance switching oscillation circuit, at oscillation startup and during normal oscillation, for both good oscillation startup characteristics and wide pullrange. Furthermore, it employs a CMOS process varicap diode, and also features all the necessary VCXO structure circuit components on a single chip, forming a VCXO module with just the connection of an external crystal.


to 3.6V supply voltage range to 60MHz operating frequency (varies with version) Uses negative-resistance switching function Varicap diode built-in Frequency divider built-in (varies with version: fO, fO/16, fO/32)

CMOS output level � 10% output duty 6mA (min) output drive capability 15pF output load capacitance CL Standby function (high impedance in standby mode) Chip form (CF5073��)

Version CF5073E� CF5073F� Typical oscillation frequency1 [MHz] fO/16 fO/32 Output frequency CF5073�52 CF5073�62

1. The typical oscillation frequency is the oscillation frequency criteria for use when selecting the device version. Note that the oscillation characteristics and pullability vary with the crystal used and the mounting conditions. Even for the same frequency, the optimal version can vary with crystal characteristics, so careful evaluation should be exercised when selecting the device version. 2. These versions are produced after receiving a purchase order. Please ask our Sales & Marketing section for further detail.

VCXO modules Communications application Networking application Broadcasting application
Chip size: � 1.4mm Chip thickness: � 30�m Chip base: VDD potential

Pad dimensions [�m] Pad No. Name I/O Description Oscillation frequency control voltage input pin Output state control voltage input pin supply pin Output pin supply pin Amplifier input pin Amplifier output pin Crystal connection pins. Crystal is connected between XT and XTN. Output frequency determined by internal circuit to one of fO, fO/16, fO/32 Function X VC INHN VSS Q VDD XT XTN Positive polarity (frequency increases with increasing voltage) High-impedance output when LOW, pull-up resistor built-in Y

Note. ESD of XT pin is inferior to other pins. ESD of all pins excluding XT pin is equivalent to that of our other oscillator products. VC pin has no protection circuit at VDD side. (See figure below.)



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