CGS2535V Datasheet

CGS2535TV - Industrial Quad 1 to 4 Clock Driver, Package: Plcc, Pin Nb=28


Features, Applications
CGS2535V Commercial Quad to 4 Clock Drivers/CGS2535TV Industrial Quad to 4 Clock Drivers
CGS2535V/CGS2535TV Commercial Quad to 4 Clock Drivers/Industrial Quad to 4 Clock Drivers

These Clock Generation and Support clock drivers are specifically designed for driving memory arrays requiring large fanouts while operating at high speeds. The is a non-inverting to 16 driver with CMOS I/O structures. The CGS2535 specification guarantees partto-part skew variation. 350 ps pin-to-pin skew (tOSLH and tOSHL) 650 ps part-to-part variation on positive or negative transition @ 5V VCC n Operates with either or 5.0V supply n Inputs 5V tolerant with VCC in 3.3V range n Symmetric output current drive: 24 mA IOH/IOL n Industrial temperature range +85�C n Symmetric package orientation n Large fanout for memory driving applications n Guaranteed 2 kV ESD protection n Implemented on National's ABT family process n 28-pin PLCC for optimum skew performance


n Guaranteed: 1.0 ns rise and fall times while driving 12 inches of 50 microstrip terminated with 25 pF

Order Number CGS2535V CGS2535TV Package Number V28A Package Description 28-Lead Molded Plastic Leaded Chip Carrier

Device also available in Tape and Reel. Specify by appending suffix letter "X" to the order number.

Supply Voltage (VCC) Input Voltage (VI) Input Current Applied to Output (High/Low) Operating Temp. Industrial grade Comm. grade Storage Temperature Range Airflow 0 LFM 225 LFM 500 LFM 900 LFM

Supply Voltage Maximum Input Rise/Fall Time VCC to 5.25V VCC to 2.0V) Free Air Operating Temperature Commercial Industrial 5 ns

Note 1: The Absolute Maximum Ratings are those values beyond which the safety of the device cannot be guaranteed. The device should not be operated at these limits. The parametric values defined in the DC and AC Electrical Characteristics tables are not guaranteed at the absolute maximum ratings. The Recommended Operating Conditions will define the conditions for actual device operation.

Over recommended operating free air temperature range. All typical values are measured at VCC = 25�C. Symbol VIH Parameter Input High Level Voltage Conditions VCC (V) 4.5 5.5 VIL Input Low Level Voltage 4.5 5.5 VIK VOH Input Clamp Voltage High Level Output Voltage -18 mA IOH -50 �A IOH 4.5 5.5 VOL Low Level Output Voltage IOL 4.5 5.5 IOL 5.5 II IIH IIL IOLD IOHD ICC CIN Input Current @ Max Input Voltage High Level Input Current Low Level Input Current Minimum Dynamic Output Current (Note 2) Minimum Dynamic Output Current (Note 2) Supply Current Input Capacitance VIH = 7V VIH = VCC VIH = VCC VIL = 0V VOLD = 1.65V (max) VOLD = 0.9V (max) VOHD = 3.85V (min) VOHD = 2.1V (min) (Note 5.5 3.0 (Note �A V Min V Typ Max Units V

Note 2: Maximum test duration 2.0 ms, one output loaded at a time. Note 3: At VCC = 3.3V, IOLD 55 mA min; @ VCC = 3.6V, IOLD 64 mA min At VCC = 3.3V, IOHD -58 mA min; @ VCC = 3.6V, IOHD -66 mA min

Over recommended operating free air temperature specified. All typical values are measured at VCC 25�C. CGS2535 VCC Symbol Parameter (V) (Note 11) Min fmax tPLH tPHL tPLH Frequency Maximum Low-to-High Propagation Delay @ 1 MHz (Note 13) High-to-Low Propagation Delay @ 1 MHz (Note 13) Low-to-High Propagation Delay @ 66.67 MHz (Note 13) (Note 14) tPHL High-to-Low Propagation Delay @ 66.67 MHz (Note 13) (Note 14) tOSLH Maximum Skew Common Edge Output-to-Output Variation (Note 4) (Note 6) tOSHL Maximum Skew Common Edge Output-to-Output Variation (Note 4) (Note 6) trise, tfall trise, tfall trise, tfall tHigh tLow tPVLH Rise/Fall Time (from to 2.0V/0.8V) (Note 8) Rise/Fall Time (from to 2.0V/0.8V) (Note 9) (Note 14) Rise/Fall Time (from to 2.0V/0.8V) (Note 10) (Note 14) Pulse Width Duration High (Note 5) (Note 6) (Note 14) Pulse Width Duration Low (Note 5) (Note 6) (Note 14) Part-to-Part Variation of Low-to-High Transitions

Note 4: Output-to-Output Skew is defined as the absolute value of the difference between the actual propagation delay for any outputs within the same packaged device and output bank. The specifications apply to any outputs switching in the same direction either LOW to HIGH (tOSLH) or HIGH to LOW (tOSHL). Note 5: Time high is measured with outputs 2.0V or above. Time low is measured with outputs 0.8V or below. Input waveform characteristics for tHigh, tLow measurement: = 66.67 MHz, duty cycle = 50%.



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