CHP1005 Datasheet

High Stability Resistor Chips


Features, Applications

High Stability Resistor Chips Thick Film Technology

ESA SCC 4001 CECC approvals in progress CHP: standard passivated version for industrial, professional and military applications CHPHR: Hi-Rel version for space and medical applications HCHP: for high frequency applications CHPCC: short-circuit chips

VISHAY SFERNICE thick film resistor chips are specially designed to meet very stringent specifications in terms of reliability, stability, homogeneity, reproductibility and quality. They conform to specifications NFC 83-240, CECC 40 401 and 401 80 certification is in progress. Sputtered Thin Film terminations, with nickel barrier, are very convenient for high temperature operating conditions. They can withstand thousands of very severe thermal shocks.

B and BF types are for solder reflow assembly. G and W types are for wire bonding, gluing and ever high temperature solder reflow. These resistor chips can be used in automatic, semi-automatic or manual assembly techniques and are suitable for reflow soldering, wave soldering, ball bonding and wedge.

Substrate Size Resistive Element Terminations alumina from to 2512 other sizes on request ruthenium oxyde precious metal with or without nickel barrier untinned solder dipped electrolytic Sn Pb thin film terminations B, BF, G, W types mineral passivation epoxy coating on B, BF, G, W types to 30mg

Resistance Range Tolerances Power Rating Temperature Coefficient Standard 300ppm/�C On request Limiting Element Voltage Insulation Resistance 250V 109

Short-circuit chips are available for each series, maximum resistance being 50m, maximum current 2 A. Terminations : only AE available (silver + nickel barrier + electro plating).

CHP resistors can be delivered in high frequency versions. > 5 GHz). Their commercial designation becomes HCHP.

Various coatings are available : No plating: precious metal termination for ball bonding applications. Plating by immersion Pb Ag (with or without: nickel barrier) : surface mount. Electroplating Sn Pb (with : nickel barrier) : surface mount � reflow or wave soldering 260�C) � allows less space between components

*Chips with terminations R (Platinum - Gold tinned).

Terminations are dependent on application. Various materials and final treatments can be used according to the tables below.

RECOMMENDED THIN FILM TERMINATIONS Solder Dipping over Nickel Barrier Gold over Nickel Barrier

Gold Platinium Gold Platinium Gold Solder Dipped Platinium Gold and Electroplated Nickel and Electroplate Sn Pb Platinium Gold and Electroplated Nickel and Dipped Sn Pb Palladium Silver

Standard Sn/Pb/Ag alloy (62/36/2) (will be lead free as soon as requested). (2) Previous Termination type between brackets.



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