CL432S Datasheet

1.25vprecision Adjustable Shunt Reference / Amplifier


Features, Applications

Temperature-Compensated: 50ppm/ C Trimmed 0.5% Bandgap Reference Internal Amplifier with 150mA Capability Nominal Temperature Range Extended to 105oC Low Frequency Dynamic Output Impedance: < 150m Low Output Noise

Calogic's a 3-terminal Adjustable Shunt Regulator highly accurate 1.25V bandgap reference with a 0.5% tolerance. The device offers thermal stability, wide operating current (100mA) and an extended temperature range to 105oC for operation in power supply applications. The CL432 offers a wide operating voltage range to 18V and is an excellent choice for voltage reference requirements in an isolated feedback circuit for to 3.3V switching mode power supplies. The tight tolerance guarantees a lower design cost for the power supply manufacturer by virtually eliminating the need for an extra power supply manufacturing process of the power supply. The device is housed in several package options to meet the designers criteria. ORDERING INFORMATION Part CL432VS CL432S Package TO-92 8-Pin Plastic SOIC SOT-23 SOT-89 Temperature Range to 105oC

CALOGIC CORPORATION, 237 Whitney Place, Fremont, California 94539, Telephone: 510-656-2900, FAX: 510-651-3025

SYMBOL VKA IAK IKA IREF PD PARAMETER Cathode-Anode Reverse Breakdown Anode-Cathode Forward Current Operating Cathode Current Reference Input Current Continuous Power TO-92 8L SOIC SOT-23 SOT-89 Junction Temperature Storage Temperature Lead Temperature, Soldering 10 Seconds RATING UNITS A mA

Stresses greater than those listed under ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS may cause permanent damage to the device. This is a stress rating only and functional operation of the device at these or any other conditions above those indicated in the operational sections of this specification is not implied. Exposure to absolute maximum rating conditions for extended periods may affect reliability.

SYMBOL VKA IK PARAMETER Cathode Voltage Cathode Current RATING VREF 18 10 UNIT V mA

PACKAGE TO-92 SOIC JA 160 oC/W 175 oC/W JC 80 oC/W 45 oC/W 150 oC/W 8oC/W TYPICAL DERATING 1.7mW/oC 9.1mW/oC

Electrical characteristics are guaranteed over full junction temperature range to 105 oC). Ambient temperature must be derated based on power dissipation and package thermal characteristics. The conditions are: VKA = VREF and = 10mA unless otherwise stated. SYMBOL VREF IREF I REF IK(MIN) PARAMETER Output Voltage Line Regulation Load Regulation Temperature Deviation Reference Input Current Reference Input Current Temperature Coefficient Min. Cathode Current for Regulation Off State Leakage MIN 1.244 TYP MAX UNIT mA nA VREF = 0V, VKA 105 oC TEST CONDITION VK = VREF 105 oC

*Temperature deviation is defined as the maximum deviation of the reference over the given temperature range and does not imply an incremental deviation at any given temperature.

TYPICAL PERFORMANCE CURVES (Not available at time of publishing)

Calogic reserves the right to make changes without further notice to any products described herein to improve reliability, function, or design. Calogic does not assume any liability arising out of the application or use of any product or circuit described herein; neither does it convey any license under its patent rights or the right of others. Calogic products are not authorized for use as components in life support devices or systems intended for surgical implant into the body or intended to support or sustain life. Buyer agrees to notify Calogic of any such intended end use whereupon Calogic will determine availability and suitability of its products for the intended use. Calogic and the Calogic logo are trademarks of Calogic.



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