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Features, Applications
CLC016 Data Retiming PLL with Automatic Rate Selection

National's Comlinear is a low-cost, monolithic, data retiming phase-locked loop (PLL) designed for high-speed serial clock and data recovery. The CLC016 simplifies highspeed data recovery in multi-rate systems by incorporating auto-rate select (ARS) circuitry on chip. This function allows the user to configure the CLC016 to recognize up to four different data rates and automatically adjust to provide accurate, low-jitter clock and data recovery. A single resistor is used to set each data rate anywhere between 40 Mbps and 400 Mbps. No potentiometers, crystals, or other external ICs are required to set the rate. The CLC016 has output jitter of only 130 pspp a 270 Mbps data rate and 0.25% fractional loop bandwidth. Low phase detector output offset and low VCO injection combine to ensure that the CLC016 does not generate bit errors or large phase transients in response to extreme fluctuations in data transition density. The result is improved performance when handling the pathological patterns inherent in the SMPTE 259M video industry standard. The carrier detect and output mute functions may be used together to automatically latch the outputs when no data is present, preventing random transitions. The external loop filter allows the user to tailor the loop response to the specific application needs. The CLC016 will operate with either or -5.2V power supplies. The serial data inputs and outputs, as well as the recovered clock outputs, allow single- or differential-ECL interfacing. The logic control inputs are TTLcompatible.


Retimed data output Recovered clock output Auto and manual rate select modes Four user-configurable data rates No potentiometers required External loop bandwidth control Frequency detector for lock acquisition Carrier detect output Output MUTE function Single supply operation: or -5.2V Low cost

n Low jitter: 130 pspp @ 270 Mbps, 0.25% fractional loop bandwidth (0.675 MHz) n High data rates: 40 Mbps - 400 Mbps n Low supply current: 100 mA, including output biasing n Flexible fractional loop bandwidth: from to 0.5%


n SMPTE 259M serial digital interfaces: NTSC/PAL, 4:2:2 component, 360 Mbps wide screen n Serial digital video routing and distribution n Clock and data recovery for high-speed data transmission n Re-synchronization of serial data for SONET/SDH, ATM, CAD networks, medical and industrial imaging

Order Number CLC016AJQ CLC016MTC Temperature to +85�C Package PLCC V28A PLCC V28A TSSOP MTC28
Four-Rate Clock and Data Recovery with Automatic Rate Selection - PLCC Package shown

If Military/Aerospace specified devices are required, please contact the National Semiconductor Sales Office/ Distributors for availability and specifications. Supply Voltage (VCC�V

Supply Voltage (VCC�V Operating Temperature CLC016AC CLC016AJ,CLC016 Jitter Transfer Function Fractional Loop Bandwidth SCO/SCO, SDO/ SDO Minimum Voltage (Note to 0.5% VCC � 1.6V

Maximum Junction Temperature Storage Temperature Range Lead Temperature (Soldering 4 sec) ESD Rating (Note 12) Package Thermal Resistance JA 28-Pin PLCC

JC 28-Pin PLCC JC 28-Pin TSSOP Reliability Information MTTF (based on limited life test data)

(VCC = 0V, VEE = -5V, RBW = 0.1 �F; = 82 pF; R Parameter DYNAMIC PERFORMANCE Residual Jitter Acquisition Time Minimum Average Data Rate, f Full Temperature Range Minimum Average Data Rate, to 70� Maximum Average Data Rate, f Tracking and Capture Range VCO Power Supply Sensitivity VCO Temperature Sensitivity Jitter Transfer Function -3 dB bandwidth (Fractional Loop Bandwidth), BW Jitter Transfer Function Peaking STATIC PERFORMANCE Power Supply Current, I

= 3504, CARS = 0.1 �F; unless specified). Typ +25�C Min/Max +25�C Min/Max Full Temp. Range 300 Units

270 Mbps PRN sequence (Notes 4) 270 Mbps PRN sequence 4.5V (VCC - VEE) 5.5V (Note 3) 4.5V (VCC - VEE) 5.5V 4.5V (VCC - VEE) 5.5V (Note 3) 4.5V (VCC - VEE) 5.5V (Notes 3, 5) (Note 3) RBW = 100 (Notes 6, 7) RBW = 500 (Notes 6, 7) RBW = 1000 (Notes 6, 7) RBW 500, 270 Mbps (Note 6) (Note 3) (Note 8) (Note 8) (Note 8) (Note 8) Resistor

VC/VC Common-Mode Voltage, VCM VC/VC Diff-Mode Voltage Range, VDM DDI/DDI Input Range Upper Limit, VH Input Range Lower Limit, VL Minimum Differential Input Amplitude, V Input Current



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