CLC426 Datasheet

Wideband, Low Noise, Voltage Feedback op Amp


Features, Applications

The National CLC426 combines an enhanced voltage feedback architecture with an advanced complimentary bipolar process to provide a high speed op amp with very low noise 2.0pA/ ) and distortion (-62dBc/-68dBc 2nd/3rd harmonics at 1VPP and 10MHz). Providing a wide 230MHz gain bandwidth product, a fast 400V/�s slew rate and very quick 16ns settling time to 0.05%, the CLC426 is the ideal choice for high speed applications requiring a very wide dynamic range such as an input buffer for high resolution analog-to-digital converters. The CLC426 is internally compensated for gains 2V/V and can easily be externally compensated for unity gain stability in applications such as wideband low noise integrators. The CLC426 is also equipped with external supply current adjustment which allows the user to optimize power, bandwidth, noise and distortion performance for each application. The CLC426's combination of speed, low noise and distortion and low dc errors will allow high speed signal conditioning applications to achieve the highest signal-to-noise performance. To reduce design times and assist board layout, the CLC426 is supported by an evaluation board and SPICE simulation model available from National. For even higher gain-bandwidth voltage-feedback op amps see the 1.9GHz CLC425 (AV 10V/V) or the 5.0GHz CLC422 (AV 30V/V). Enhanced Solutions (Military/Aerospace SMD Number: 5962-94597

*Space level versions also available. *For more information, visit http://www.national.com/mil

Ultra low input voltage noise: 1.6nV/ Very low harmonic distortion: -62/-68dBc Fast slew rate: 400V/�s Adjustable supply current Dual 5V or single to 12V supplies Externally compensatable


Active filters & integrators Ultrasound Low power portable video ADC/DAC buffer Wide dynamic range amp Differential amps Pulse/RF amp Input Voltage Noise Density

Wide Dynamic Range Sallen-Key Band Pass Filter = 2)

Package 8-Pin Plastic DIP 8-Pin Plastic SOIC Temperature Range Industrial to +85�C Part Number CLC426AJP CLC426AJE Package Marking CLC426AJP CLC426AJE NSC Drawing N08E M08A

If Military/Aerospace specified devices are required, please contact the National Semiconductor Sales Office/ Distributors for availability and specifications. Supply Voltage Short Circuit Current

Common-Mode Input Voltage Differential Input Voltage Maximum Junction Temperature Storage Temperature Lead Temperature (Soldering 10 sec) ESD

(VCC = 100; unless noted) Notes Parameters Ambient Temperature Frequency Domain Response Gain Bandwidth Product (Note 4), (Note 5), (Note 8) (Note 4), (Note 8) (Note 4), (Note 8) -3dB Bandwidth, = +2 VOUT < 0.5VPP VOUT < 0.5VPP VOUT < 5.0VPP Gain Flatness Peaking Rolloff Linear Phase Deviation Time Domain Response Rise and Fall Time Settling Time Overshoot Slew Rate Distortion And Noise Response (Note 3) (Note 3) 2nd Harmonic Distortion 3rd Harmonic Distortion Equivalent Input Noise Voltage Current Static DC Performance Open-Loop Gain (Note 3) (Note 3) (Note 3) (Note 4) (Note 3) Input Offset Voltage Average Drift Input Bias Current Average Drift Input Offset Current Average Drift Power-Supply Rejection Ratio Common-Mode Rejection Ratio Supply Current DC Pin #8 Open, RL = Common-Mode Differential-Mode Input Capacitance Common-Mode Differential-Mode



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