CLC505A8D Datasheet

CLC505 - High Speed, Programmable Supply Current, Monolithic op Amp, Package: Cerdip, Pin Nb=8


Features, Applications
CLC505 High Speed, Programmable Supply Current, Monolithic Op Amp

The is a monolithic, high speed op amp with a unique combination of high performance, low power consumption, and flexibility of application. The supply current is programmable over to 1 continuous range with a single resistor, Rp. This feature enables the amplifier to be used in a wide variety of high performance applications. Typical performance at any supply current is exceptional: Parameter Supply Current (ICC) 9mA -3dB Bandwidth 150 Settling Time Slew Rate 3.4mA 1mA MHz nsec Units For more information, visit http://www.national.com/mil


n 10mW power consumption with BW n Single resistor programming of supply current n 3.4mA ICC provides 100MHz bandwidth and 14ns settling (0.05%) n Fast disable capability n 0.04% differential gain at ICC n 0.06% differential phase at ICC = 3.4mA


Low power battery applications Remote site instrumentation Mobile communications gear Video switching matrix Phased-array radar Large-Signal Pulse Response

n 800 V/�sec n Output Current mA n The CLC505's combination of high performance, low power n consumption, and large signal performance makes the CLC505 ideal for a wide variety of remote site equipment applications, such as battery powered test instrumentation and communications gear. Some other power applications are video switching matrices, ATE, and phased-array radar systems. The CLC505 has been designed for ease of use and has been specified to ensure design confidence and final system predictability. The product performance is specified for ad 9mA supply current. The CLC505 is available in 8-pin Dip SOIC packages offered for the industrial temperature range. Enhanced Solutions (Military/Aerospace) SMD Number: contact factory Space level versions also available.

Package 8-pin plastic DIP 8-pin plastic SOIC Temperature Range Industrial to +85�C

If Military/Aerospace specified devices are required, please contact the National Semiconductor Sales Office/ Distributors for availability and specifications. Supply Voltage (VCC) IOUT Output is short circuit protected to ground, but maximum reliability will be maintained if IOUT does not exceed... Common Mode Input Voltage Differential Input Voltage

Junction Temperature Operating Temperature Storage Temperature Range Lead Solder Duration (+300�C) ESD rating (human body model)

= +6, VCC = 100pF; unless specified Symbol Ambient Temperature Frequency Domain Response SSBW LSBW GFPL GFPH GFR LPD TRS TRL TSP HD2 HD3 SNF INV DG DP VIO DVIO IBN DIBN IBI DIBI PSRR CMRR Settling time to 0.1/0.05/0.05% (Note 7) Overshoot Slew Rate (AV +2) 2nd Harmonic Distortion 3rd Harmonic Distortion Equivalent Input Noise Floor Integrated Noise Differential Gain (Note 6) Differential Phase (Note 6) Input Offset Voltage (Note 3) Average Temperature Coefficient Input Bias Current (Note 3) Average Temperature Coefficient Input Bias Current (Note 3) Average Temperature Coefficient Power Supply Rejection Ratio Common Mode Rejection Ratio Inverting Non Inverting 2VPP,20/10/5MHz (Note 7) 2VPP,20/10/5MHz (Note 7) -3dB Bandwidth -3dB Large Signal Gain Flatness Peaking Rolloff Linear Phase Deviation Rise and Fall Time VOUT < 2VPP VOUT < 5VPP VOUT < 2VPP Parameter Conditions CLC505AJ Typ +25�C Max/Min Ratings (Note +25�C +85�C Units

Symbol ICC RIN CIN RO VO CMIR IO Output Impedence Output Voltage Range Common Mode Input Range Output Current Parameter Supply Current (Note 3) Non-Inverting Input

= +6, VCC = 100pF; unless specified Conditions No Load, Quiescent Resistance Capacitance DC No Load For Rated Performance to +85�C Typ Max/Min Ratings (Note 2) Units k pF ohm V mA Static, DC Performance

= +6, VCC = 100pF; unless specified SUPPLY CURRENT ICC (TYP) = 500 Symbol SSBW LSBW GFPL GFPH GFR LPD TRS TRL TSP HD2 HD3 SNF INV DG DP VIO DVIO IBN DIBN IBI DIBI PSRR CMRR ICC RIN CIN RO VO CMIR Typ +25�C -40�C Max & Min Ratings +25�C +85�C SUPPLY CURRENT ICC (TYP) RL =1000 Typ +25�C -40�C Max & Min Ratings +25�C +85�C Units MHz dB deg ns % V/�s dBc dBm �V % deg mV �V/�C �A nA/�C �A nA/�C pF V



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