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Variable Gain


Features, Applications

The CLC522 variable gain amplifier (VGA) is a dc-coupled, two-quadrant multipliers with differential voltage inputs and a single-ended voltage output. Two input buffers and an output operational amplifier are integrated with the multiplier core and make the CLC522 a complete VGA system that does not require external buffering. The CLC522 provides the flexibility of externally setting the maximum gain with only two external resistors. Greater than 40dB gain control is easily achieved through a single high impedance voltage input. The CLC522 provides a linear (in Volts per Volt) relationship between the amplifier's gain and the gain-control input voltage. The CLC522's maximum gain may be set anywhere over a nominal range to 100V/V. The gain control input then provides attenuation from the maximum setting. For example, set for a maximum gain of 100V/V, the CLC522 will provide to 1V/V gain control range by sweeping the gain control input voltage from to -0.98V. Set at a maximum gain of 10V/V, the CLC522 provides a 165MHz signal channel bandwidth and a 165MHz gain control bandwidth. Gain nonlinearity over a 40dB gain range is 0.5% and gain accuracy at AVmax 10V/V is typically 0.3%. n Differential or single end voltage inputs n Single-ended voltage output


Variable attenuators Pulse amplitude equalizers HF modulators Automatic gain control & leveling loops Video production switching Differential line receivers Voltage controlled filters Gain vs. Gain Control Voltage (Vg)


330MHz signal bandwidth: AVmax 2 165MHz gain control bandwidth to 60MHz linear phase deviation 0.04% (-68dB) signal-channel non-linearity > 40dB gain adjustment range

Package 14-pin plastic DIP 14-pin plastic SOIC Temperature Range Industrial to +85�C Part Number CLC522AJP CLC522AJE Package Marking CLC522AJP CLC522AJE NSC Drawing M14A, B

If Military/Aerospace specified devices are required, please contact the National Semiconductor Sales Office/ Distributors for availability and specifications. Supply Voltage Short Circuit Current Common-Mode Input Voltage Maximum Junction Temperature Storage TemperatureRange

Thermal Resistance Package MDIP SOIC (JC) 55�C/W 35�C/W (JA) 100�C/W 105�C/W

(VCC 5 V; AVmax = +1.1V) Symbol Ambient Temperature Frequency Domain Response -3dB Bandwidth (Note 7) Gain Control Bandwidth (Note 5) Gain Flatness Peaking (Note 7) Rolloff (Note 7) Linear Phase Deviation Feedthrough (Note 7), (Note 6) Time Domain Response Rise and Fall Time Settling Time Overshoot Slew Rate Distortion And Noise Response 2nd Harmonic Distortion (Note 7) 3rd Harmonic Distortion (Note 7) Equivalent Input Noise Floor Gain Accuracy Signal Channel Nonlinearity (SGNL) (Note 4) Gain Control Nonlinearity (GCNL) (Note 4) Gain Error (GACCU) (Note 4) Vg High Vg Low Static, DC Performance VIN Voltage Range Bias Current (Note 4) Average Drift Offset Current (Note 4) Average Drift Resistance Capacitance

VOUT < 0.5VPP VOUT < 5.0VPP VOUT < 0.5VPP VOUT 30MHz 0.5V Step 5.0V Step 2.0V Step 0.1% 0.5V Step 4.0V Step to 200MHz



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