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CLC5506 - Gain Trim Amplifier (GTA) Life-time Buy , Package: Evaluation Board, Pin Nb=-


Features, Applications

The is a low noise amplifier with programmable gain for use in cellular base stations, WLL, radar and RF/IF subsystems where gain control is required to increase the dynamic range. The CLC5506 allows designers to compensate for manufacturing component tolerances and temperature variations in receiver front ends. Maximum amplifier gain is set 26dB. A three-line MICROWIRE serial interface allows 16dB of attenuation from the max gain setting in precise 0.25dB steps. The CLC5506 uses a differential input and output, allowing large output swings on a single 5V rail. The differential output is well suited for impedance matching networks driving SAW filters or directly driving differential input analog to digital converters (ADC). The differential output also makes it possible to drive transformers allowing designers the ability to match a wide variety of transmission lines. The output amplifier has excellent output drive with low distortion. Digital control of the CLC5506 is accomplished using MICROWIRE Interface. Data Out and a Load Enable are incorporated so that more than one CLC5506/channel may be programmed per system. The CLC5506 maintains a 600MHz performance bandwidth over its entire gain and attenuation range from to +26dB. Gain control is divided into 64 equal steps of 0.25dB and is dB-linear. Output drive and distortion performance are excellent; a 50 system, the third-order output intercept point +22dBm at nominal gain at 25�C. The CLC5506 operates over the industrial temperature range to +85�C.


600MHz bandwidth 26dB maximum gain 150MHz 16dB gain control range Attenuation step size: 0.25dB 4.8dB noise figure 26dB +22dBm output @ 18dB gain Digital dB Linear gain control Supply voltage: 5V Supply current: 75mA Supply shutdown: 35�A Package: SOIC-14 Typical at 25�C


Cellular base-stations Base station repeater Wireless Local Loop Radar Receivers IF amplifiers Digital IF receiver Software radio Satellite communications Frequency Response vs. Gain Setting

Top View Pin NC GNDA In+ In- LE Clock Data In Data Out GNDD VCCD Out- Out+ GNDA VCCA Pin Name No connection Analog ground Positive differential input Negative differential input MICROWIRE load enable input. High impedance CMOS input with Schmitt trigger MICROWIRE clock input. High impedance CMOS input with Schmitt trigger. Data is clocked in on the rising edge of clock. MICROWIRE data input. High impedance CMOS input with Schmitt trigger. Binary serial data. Data entered Power Down first. MICROWIRE data output. High impedance CMOS input with Schmitt trigger. Digital ground Digital supply voltage Negative differential Output Positive differential output Analog ground Analog supply voltage Description

Package SO-14 N/A Temperature Range to +85�C Part Number CLC5506IMX CLC5506PCASM Package Marking CLC5506IM N/A Fully loaded evaluation board NSC Drawing M14a



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