CLC5801IMX Datasheet

High Speed Low Noise Voltage Feedback Amplifier


Features, Applications
CLC5801 High Speed Low Noise Voltage Feedback Amplifier

The is a low-cost, wideband voltage feedback amplifier excellent for low noise applications. It combines a wide bandwidth of 420MHz with very low noise 1.8pA/ ) and low DC errors (100�V VOS) making it an excellent precision high speed op amp offering closed-loop gains of 10. The CLC5801 employs a traditional voltage-feedback topology and provides all the benefits of balanced inputs, such as low offsets and drifts, as well as 96dB open-loop gain, 95dB CMRR and a 90dB PSRR. Providing a wide 420MHz bandwidth at a gain 10, a fast 300V/�s slew rate, the CLC5801 is well suited for wide band active filters and low noise loop filters for PLLs. The low noise, wide gain-bandwidth, high slew rate and low DC errors enable applications such as medical diagnostic ultrasound, magnetic tape and disk storage, communications and optoelectronics that require maximum high-frequency signal-to-noise ratios. Low noise and offset make the CLC5801 and ideal preamplifier for CD-ROMs and receivers. The CLC5801 consumes 16mA of supply current and can be used in either dual 5V systems or single supply applications. It can easily drive a 100 load to within 1.6V of either rail. The CLC5801 is available in both SOIC-8 and the tiny SOT23-5.


(TA = 100 Typical unless specified). 420MHz, -3dB bandwidth (AV n 2nV/ input voltage noise n 1.8pA/ input current noise n 100�V input offset voltage n 300V/�s slew rate n 16mA supply current n 18ns settling time


Ultrasound preamplifier CD-ROM preamplifer Photo-diode transimpedance amplifier Low-noise loop filters for PLLs High-performance receivers ADC preamplifier Equivalent Input Noise

Package 8-pin SOIC 5-pin SOT23-5 Part Number CLC5801IM5 CLC5801IM5X Packaging Marking CLC5801IM A50A Transport Media Rails 2.5k Tape and Reel 1k Units Tape and Reel 3k Units Tape and Reel MF05A NSC Drawing M08A

If Military/Aerospace specified devices are required, please contact the National Semiconductor Sales Office/ Distributors for availability and specifications. VCC IOUT Short Circuit protected to ground. Maximum reliability is obtained if IOUT does not exceed: Common-Mode Input Voltage Maximum Junction Temperature Storage Temperature Range Lead Temperature (soldering 10 sec) ESD (human body model)

Thermal Resistance (JC) SOIC SOT23-5 Thermal Resistance (JA) SOIC +85�C SOT23-5 Temperature Range Recommended Gain Range 65�C/W 115�C/W

(TA = 25�C, VCC = 100; unless specified). Symbol Parameter Conditions Typ +25�C Frequency Domain Response GBW SSBW LSBW GFP GFR LPD TRS TSS HD2 HD3 IMD VN Gain Bandwidth Product -3dB Bandwidth (AV +10) -3dB Bandwidth (AV +20) -3dB Bandwidth Gain Flatness Peaking Gain Flatness Rolloff Linear Phase Deviation Rise and Fall Time Settling Time to 0.2% Overshoot Slew Rate 2nd Harmonic Distortion 3rd Harmonic Distortion 3rd Order Intermod. Intercept Equivalent Input Noise Voltage 0.4VPP 0.4V step 2V step 0.4V step 2V step 100MHz dB Deg ns % V/�s dBc dBm nV/ MHz 1.3 GHz Min/Max Ratings (Note +25�C +85�C Units

Static, DC Performance AOL VIO DVIO IB DIB IIO DIIO PSRR CMRR ICC Open-Loop Gain Input Offset Voltage (Note 3) Offset Voltage Average Drift Input Bias Current (Note 3) Bias Current Average Drift Input Offset Current Offset Current Average Drift Power Supply Rejection Ratio Common Mode Rejection Ratio Supply Current (Note dB �V �V/�C �A �A/�C �A nA/�C dB mA



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