D1029UK Datasheet

Purchase Online = ;; Package = DR ;; Impedance Calculator = ;; Operating Voltage (V) = 28 ;; Power Output (W) = 350 ;; Minimum Efficiency = 60 ;; Gain = 13 ;; Test Frequency (MHz) = 175 ;; Configurati


Features, Applications

ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS (Tcase = 25�C unless otherwise stated)

Semelab Plc reserves the right to change test conditions, parameter limits and package dimensions without notice. Information furnished by Semelab is believed to be both accurate and reliable at the time of going to press. However Semelab assumes no responsibility for any errors or omissions discovered in its use. Semelab encourages customers to verify that datasheets are current before placing orders.

Power Dissipation Drain � Source Breakdown Voltage * Gate � Source Breakdown Voltage * Drain Current * Storage Temperature Maximum Operating Junction Temperature

ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS (Tcase = 25�C unless otherwise stated) Parameter Test Conditions Min.

BVDSS IDSS IGSS VGS(th) gfs GPS VSWR Ciss Coss Crss Drain�Source Breakdown Voltage Zero Gate Voltage Drain Current Gate Leakage Current Gate Threshold Voltage* Forward Transconductance* Common Source Power Gain Drain Efficiency Load Mismatch Tolerance Input Capacitance Output Capacitance VGS = 0 VDS = 28V VGS = 10mA VDS = 350W VDS = 175MHz IDQ = 100mA VGS = 0 VDS = 0 VDS = VGS = 7A VGS = 1MHz VGS = 0 VGS 1MHz 70

The ceramic portion of the device between leads and metal flange is beryllium oxide. Beryllium oxide dust is highly toxic and care must be taken during handling and mounting to avoid damage to this area. THESE DEVICES MUST NEVER BE THROWN AWAY WITH GENERAL INDUSTRIAL OR DOMESTIC WASTE.

RTHj�case Thermal Resistance Junction � Case Max. / W

Figure 1 Output Power and Gain vs. Input Power
Figure 2 Output Power and Efficiency vs. Input Power



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