D2T-LT1S Datasheet

Compact DPST-NO Snap Action Switch <br> Circuits for power and low-level loads. <br> Approved by UL, VDE, and SEMKO. <br> Contact gap of 0.7 mm minimum. <br> Panel or screw-mounted with ease. <br> Str


Features, Applications

Incorporates circuits for power and low-level loads Approved by safety standards, such as UL, VDE, and SEMKO As compact as OMRON's V-series snap action switches Contact gap 0.7 mm min. Panel or screw-mounted with ease Straight and angled terminals are available RoHS Compliant

Actuator Pin plunger Model Angled terminal D2T-T1 Straight terminal D2T-T1S

Note: The actuator of the D2T is identical to that used for OMRON's V-series Snap-action Switches. The actuator can be replaced with other types of actuators. Contact your OMRON representative for details.


Electrical ratings Operating speed Operating frequency Contact resistance Insulation resistance Dielectric strength (VAC) Mechanical Electrical at 125/250 VAC between terminals 1 and at 125 VAC between terminals 3 and to 500 mm/second to 19.7 in/second) 120 operations per min 60 operations per min 50 m max. between terminals 1 and 100 m max. between terminals 3 and 100 M min. (at 500 VDC) 1,000 VAC for 1 minute between contacts of same polarity 1,500 VAC for 1 minute between current-carrying metal parts and ground, and between contacts of different polarity Malfunction Mechanical Electrical Ambient temperature Ambient humidity Weight Operating to 55 Hz, 1.5 mm double amplitude 300 m/s2 min. (approx. 30 g min.) 100,000 operations min. (at full OT value, operating frequency of 120 operations/ min.) 100,000 operations min. (at rated OT value, operating frequency of 60 operations/ min.) to 80�C (with no icing) 85% RH max Approx. 10 g

Vibration resistance Shock resistance Life expectancy

Characteristics OF max. RF min. TTF max. OT min. OP Part number �0.6 mm (see note) �1.3 mm (see note)

Note: There is no actuation order between terminals 1 and 2 and terminals 3 and 4.

Note: The circuit switching power load has a snap-action mechanism. The circuit switching low-level load has a slow-action mechanism.

Electrical Ratings Between terminals 1 and @ 125/250 VAC Between terminals 3 and A @125 VAC

Note: 1. Unless otherwise specified, a tolerance �0.4 mm applies to all dimensions. 2. The above illustrations and dimensions of the pin plunger and hinge lever are for D2T models with angled terminals. Refer to the dimensions in "Terminals" for the straight terminals of D2T.



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