D4015L Datasheet

Teccor® Rectifier ;; Package= TO-220AB ISOlated


Features, Applications

Teccor manufactures 15 A rms 25 A rms rectifiers with voltages rated from 1000 V. Due to the electrically-isolated TO-220 package, these rectifiers may be used in common anode or common cathode circuits using only one part type, thereby simplifying stock requirements. Teccor's silicon rectifiers feature glass-passivated junctions to ensure long term reliability and stability. In addition, glass offers a rugged, reliable barrier against junction contamination.


Electrically-isolated packages High voltage capabilities 1000 V High surge capabilities 350 A Glass-passivated junctions

I2t RMS surge (non-repetitive) forward current for 8.3 ms for fusing IF(AV) Average forward current IF(RMS) RMS forward current IFSM Peak one-cycle surge current IRM Peak reverse current RJC Thermal resistance (steady state) junction to case VFM Peak forward voltage at rated average forward current VR DC blocking voltage VRRM Peak repetitive reverse voltage

See Figure E7.3 for current rating at specified case temperature. For more than one full cycle rating, see Figure = TJ for test conditions See package outlines for lead form configurations. When ordering special lead forming, add type number as suffix to part number.

Operating temperature range (TJ) to +125 �C. Storage temperature range (TS) to +125 �C. Lead solder temperature is a maximum 230 �C for 10 seconds maximum at a minimum 1/16" (1.59 mm) from case. The case temperature (TC) is measured as shown on dimensional outline drawings in the "Package Dimensions" section of this catalog. Teccor's electrically-isolated TO-220 devices withstand a high potential test V ac rms from leads to mounting tab over the operating temperature range. Typical Reverse Recovery Time (trr) is 4 �s. (Test conditions 0.9 A forward current and 1.5 A reverse current.)

* UL Recognized File #E71639 For 4000 V isolation, use "V" suffix in the part number.
Peak Surge (Non-repetitive) Forward Current (IFSM) � Amps
Figure E7.1 Instantaneous Forward Current versus Forward Voltage (Typical)
Figure E7.4 Peak Surge Forward Current versus Surge Current Duration
Average Forward Power Dissipation [PF(AV)] � Watts

SUPPLY FREQUENCY: 60 Hz Sine Wave LOAD: Resistive or Inductive CASE TEMPERATURE: Measured As Shown on Dimensional Drawing

Figure E7.3 Maximum Allowable Case Temperature versus Average Forward Current



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