D45VH10 Datasheet

Power 15A 80V NPN , Package: TO-220, Pins=3


Features, Applications

These complementary silicon power transistors are designed for high�speed switching applications, such as switching regulators and high frequency inverters. The devices are also well�suited for drivers for high power switching circuits.

Fast Switching Key Parameters Specified @ 100_C Low Collector�Emitter Saturation Voltage
VCE(sat) 1.0 V (Max) 8.0 A Complementary Pairs Simplify Circuit Designs 90 ns (Max)

Rating Symbol VCEO VCEV VEB IC ICM PD Value 80 Unit Vdc Adc Collector�Emitter Voltage Collector�Emitter Voltage Emitter Base Voltage Collector Current Continuous Peak (1) Total Power Dissipation = 25_C Derate above 25_C Operating and Storage Junction Temperature Range 83 0.67 Watts W/_C _C TJ, Tstg to 150

Maximum Lead Temperature for Soldering Purposes: 1/8 from Case for 5 Seconds
NOTE: All polarities are shown for NPN transistors. For PNP transistors, reverse polarities.

Characteristic OFF CHARACTERISTICS Symbol Min Typ Max Unit Collector�Emitter Sustaining Voltage (2) (IC = 25 mAdc, = 0) VCEO(sus) ICEV 80 Vdc Collector�Emitter Cutoff Current (VCE = Rated VCEV, VBE(off) = 4.0 Vdc) (VCE = Rated VCEV, VBE(off) = 4.0 Vdc, = 100_C) Emitter Base Cutoff Current (VEB = 7.0 Vdc, = 0) �Adc 100 10 IEBO �Adc ON CHARACTERISTICS (2) DC Current Gain (IC = 2.0 Adc, VCE = 1.0 Vdc) (IC = 4.0 Adc, VCE = 1.0 Vdc) hFE 35 20 Collector�Emitter Saturation Voltage (IC = 8.0 Adc, = 0.4 Adc) (IC = 8.0 Adc, = 0.8 Adc) (IC = 15 Adc, = 3.0 Adc, = 100_C) VCE(sat) Vdc D44VH10 D45VH10 Base�Emitter Saturation Voltage (IC = 8.0 Adc, = 0.4 Adc) (IC = 8.0 Adc, = 0.8 Adc) (IC = 8.0 Adc, = 0.4 Adc, = 100_C) (IC = 8.0 Adc, = 0.8 Adc, = 100_C) VBE(sat) Vdc D44VH10 D45VH10 DYNAMIC CHARACTERISTICS Current Gain Bandwidth Product (IC = 0.1 Adc, VCE = 10 Vdc, = 20 MHz) Output Capacitance (VCB = 10 Vdc, = 0, ftest = 1.0 MHz) fT 50 MHz Cob 120 275 SWITCHING CHARACTERISTICS Delay Time Rise Time 50 ns Storage Time Fall Time (VCC = 20 Vdc, = 8.0 Adc, = 0.8 Adc) tf (2) Pulse Test: Pulse Width v 300 �s, Duty Cycle v 2%.



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Manufacturer information


ON Semiconductor - ON Semiconductor (Nasdaq: ON) is driving energy efficient innovations, empowering customers to reduce global energy use. The company offers a comprehensive portfolio of energy efficient power and signal management, logic, discrete and custom solutions to help design engineers solve their unique design challenges in automotive, communications, computing, consumer, industrial, LED lighting, medical, military/aerospace and power supply applications. ON Semiconductor operates a responsive, reliable, world-class supply chain and quality program, and a network of manufacturing facilities, sales offices and design centers in key markets throughout North America, Europe, and the Asia Pacific regions.

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