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Features, Applications

Many Models Including Roller Lever Switches are Only 16-mm Thick with Connector

New center roller lever models that enable ganged mounting to 6 Switches. Cable connectors for easy Switch replacement. Triple-seal construction to provide IEC IP67 degree of protection. Operation indicators available for easy monitoring (standard indicator is lit when Switch is not operating). Approved by UL and CSA. (Ask your OMRON representative for Information on approved models.)

Be sure to read Safety Precautions on page to 8 and Safety Precautions for All Limit Switches.
Model Number Legend (Not all combinations are possible. Ask your OMRON representative for details.)

01 : Pin plunger 02 : Roller plunger 03 : Crossroller plunger 24 : Roller lever 31 : Sealed pin plunger 32 : Sealed roller plunger 33 : Sealed crossroller plunger 50 : Plastic rod 60 : Center roller lever

Ratings LED indicator Actuator Pin plunger Roller plunger Crossroller plunger High-sensitivity roller lever Sealed pin plunger Sealed roller plunger Sealed crossroller plunger Plastic rod Center roller lever at 125 VAC Without indicator With indicator Model

Note: 1. Ask your OMRON representative for Information on approved models. 2. The meaning of suffix codes in the D4CC model numbers is different from that in the D4C model numbers. 3. Refer to the following table for cable plugs.

Type Appearance Straight No. of conductors Cable length 10 m For AC Model

It is possible to replace an WL Limit Switch with a D4CC Limit Switch mounted on this plate without changing the position of the dog or cam.

WL model (Actuator) WLD (Top plunger) WLD2 (Top roller plunger) WLG2 (Roller lever) D4CC model (Actuator) D4CC-@001 (Plunger) D4CC-@002 (Roller plunger) D4CC-@024 (Roller lever) Plate


Degree of protection Durability *1 Mechanical Electrical IP67 10,000,000 operations min. 200,000 operations min. at 125 VAC, resistive load) 0.1 mm/s to 0.5 m/s (in case of plunger) 1 mm/s to 1 m/s (in case of roller lever) 120 operations/min 30 operations/min 100 M min. (at 500 VDC) 100 m max. 1,000 VAC, 50/60 Hz for 1 min 1,500 VAC, 50/60 Hz for 1 min

Rated voltage 125 VAC 30 VDC Non-inductive load (A) Resistive Lamp load NC NO Inductive load (A) Inductive Motor load NC NO

Operating speed Operating frequency Mechanical Electrical

Rated frequency Insulation resistance Contact resistance (initial) Between terminals of same polarity Dielectric strength Between currentcarrying metal parts and ground

Note: 1. The above current ratings are for steady-state current. 2. Inductive loads have a power factor of 0.4 min. (AC) and a time constant 7 ms max. (DC). 3. Lamp loads have an inrush current of 10 times the steady-state current. 4. Motor loads have an inrush current of 6 times the steady-state current.

Between each terminal and non-current- 1,500 VAC, 50/60 Hz for 1 min carrying metal part Vibration resistance Shock resistance Malfunction Destruction Malfunction to 55 Hz, 1.5-mm double amplitude 1,000 m/s2 min. 500 m/s2 min. to +70�C (with no icing) to 95%RH Approx. 120 g (in the case of D4CC-1002)

Rated voltage 120 VAC Carry current 1.0 A Current (A) Make Break 3.6 0.6 Volt-amperes (VA) Make Break 432 72

Ambient operating temperature Ambient operating humidity Weight

Note: The above figures are initial values. *1. The values are calculated at an operating temperature to +35�C, and an operating humidity to 70%RH. Contact your OMRON sales representative for more detailed information on other operating environments. *2. Excluding plastic rod models.

The leakage current and resistance of Switches with indicators are as follows: Item Model Voltage Leakage current Resistive value D4CC-2@@@ 125 VAC D4CC-4@@@ 30 VDC 30 k

Center Roller Lever Models with Indicator
Center lever Spacer prevents the Switch from biting cut chips. O-ring (NBR)

O-ring (NBR) Nitrile rubber diaphragm Protective nitrile rubber cap (NBR) Open space (to reduce a change in internal pneumatic pressure and to prevent the respiratory movement of the Switch.) LED indicator Connector receptacle Ground terminal Molded resin

With Operation Indicator (Lit when Not Actuated) *1

*1. "Lit when not actuated" means that when the actuator is in the free position, the indicator is lit, and when the actuator is turned or pushed and the contact comes into contact with the NO side, the indicator turns OFF. *2. The position of the positioning piece is not always the same. If using an L-shaped connector causes problems in application, use a straight connector.

Note: Colors in parentheses are the previous wire colors. Wire colors have been changed accompanying changes in standards.

Plug Pin No. Plug Cable Brown (Red) White (Orange) Blue (Black) Black (White) Pin No. Cable Brown (Red) White (Orange) Blue (Black) Black (White)



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