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Description: The D68BP and D68BR Series of small 4-pole-pair fixed-frequency, precision band-pass and bandreject (notch) active filters that provide high performance in a compact 32-pin DIP package, with a broad range of fixed center frequencies (fo) from to 100 kHz. Each filter type features a near theoretical amplitude/phase response along with low output voltage noise enabling these filters to achieve 10,000:1 or better dynamic signal range. Pretuned to within �2% of the fixed, user specified center frequency, D68BP band-pass filters pass all frequencies lying between the upper and lower -3dB points of the amplitude response curve, while D68BR band-reject (notch) filters sharply attenuate those frequencies that are bound and defined by the bottom of the notch. Available Q's for D68 BP models are or 10 and D68BR filters are or 10. Features/Benefits: Compact 32-pin footprint minimizes board space requirements. Plug-in ready-to-use, reducing engineering design and manufacturing cycle time. Factory tuned, no external clocks or adjustments needed Broad range of center frequencies to meet a wide range of applications. Applications Power line interference rejection Transducer output filtering Production test instrumentation Medical electronics equipment and research Comb filtering and equalization Noise and harmonic analysis RMS measurements Frequency spectrum analysis

U.S. Selling Price (1-9) Orders for Export Minimum Order Value $150.00 Lead-Time: 2-4 weeks A.R.O. $270.00 ea. U.S. Selling Price + 20% F.O.B. Haverhill, MA Accept Visa, Mcard, Amex

Available Band-Pass Models:.Page D68BP4 4 pole pair.2 Available Band-Reject Models: 4-pole pair.2 General Specifications: Ordering Information.3 Pin-Out/Package Data.3

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Model Product Specifications Size Range fo Available "Q's"1 "Q" Accuracy Theoretical Transfer Characteristics D68BP4 Band-Pass to 100 kHz Appendix A Pages & 42

Model Product Specifications Size Range fo Available "Q's"1 "Q" Accuracy Theoretical Transfer Characteristics Notch Attenuation D68BR4 Band-Reject to 100 kHz Appendix A Pages 45 db typ. 0.2 dB typ. 0.4 dB max. 24 dB/octave FMA-01A �2% max.

Attenuation Rate Center Frequency Stability Filter Mounting Assembly
Q � Quality Factor for band-pass and band-reject filters. Q = fO/(fH-fL)

Analog Input Characteristics1 Impedance Voltage Range Max. Safe Voltage Analog Output Characteristics Impedance (Closed Loop) Linear Operating Range 2 Maximum Current 3 Offset Voltage Offset Temp. Coeff. Power Supply (�V) Rated Voltage Operating Range Maximum Safe Voltage Quiescent Current Temperature Operating Storage 10 k min. � 10 Vpeak �Vs 11 typ. 10 max. 22 mV typ. 20 mV max. 50 �V/�C

Vs Do not connect if trim is not required. 20 k (Cermet) OS Filter Type BP - Band Pass BR - Band Reject

1. Input and output signal voltage referenced to supply common. 2. Output is short circuit protected to common. DO NOT CONNECT TO �Vs. 3. Adjustable to zero. 4. Units operate with or with out offset pin connected. 5. How to Specify Center Frequency: Center frequencies are specified by attaching a three digit frequency designator to the basic model number. Center frequencies can range from to 100 kHz.

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