D6A Datasheet

D6A Clogged AIR Filter Sensor Data Sheet


Features, Applications

Detect Clogged Fan Filters to Prevent Overheating of Equipment H Sensor detects air flow over 0.5 to

1.5 m/sec range; provides analog voltage output to 5 VDC
reference point to determine if a filter fan is moving the right amount of air
H Low current consumption: mA H Ideal for computer servers, routers and
network devices; uninterruptible power supplies and cash registers

Output range to 5 VDC at 1.5 m/sec velocity Wind velocity to 1.5 m/sec Operating voltage 12 VDC Part number D6A


Method of detection Wind velocity range Fixed temperature reference Supply voltage Current consumption Leakage current Maximum output voltage Output voltage Wind velocity to 1.5 m/sec 80�C 12 VDC mA or less mA or less V or less at 0.5 m/sec velocity at 1.0 m/sec velocity at 1.5 m/sec velocity Power supply voltage: 12 VDC Load resistance: 1 M Ambient temperature 25 �5�C

Insulation resistance Dielectric strength Operating temperature range Storage temperature range Relative humidity M or more for insulation between the terminal and the sensor body with 100 VDC insulation resistance meter. Applies 500 VAC to the input of the terminal for one minute between output terminals to 45�C (do not freeze) 85% RH

1. Do not apply a voltage 13.2VDC or more. 2. The output voltage decreases when oil, moisture and dust adhere to the thermally sensitive resistor. Wipe down the resistor during maintenance. 3. The output voltage decreases when the terminal winds when the thermally sensitivie resistor is cleaned. 4. An internal circuit can be short-circuited when water or dust reaches the printed circuit board. 5. Avoid electrical shock. Do not touch the thermally sensitivie resistor terminal with fingers or hands. 6. Avoid serious burns. Do not touch the thermally sensitive resistor because it is heated 80�C. 7. Dispose of the sensor properly when it no longer operates.

NOTE: DIMENSIONS SHOWN ARE IN MILLIMETERS. To convert millimeters to inches divide by 25.4.



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